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Divar Island

Sreshti Verma
The island of Divar lies on the Mandovi River in Goa and is home to some fascinating people and cultures. Its history dates back to a time when Divar was home to the massive Hindu population of Goa. But when the Portuguese started religious persecution, its residents escaped to other parts of Goa, leaving behind ruins of temples and monuments of religious significance. Another reason behind the abandonment of Divar by the people of Old Goa was a plague epidemic that spread at the time.
yokesh babu
Divar Island.Though there is nothing particular to do in Divar Island, but to see the picturesque Piedade.While stepping off from the ferry from old Goa you have the distinct feeling of entering the land that time forgot.You can sense the old Goa en Architecture in the houses of Divar Island.you can get to Divar Island by free ferry service from old Goa.
Vidushi Kara
While in August, Divar island gets ready for the famous Bonderam Festival. The festival begins with a vibrant parade with multi coloured flags and the entire island comes alive with performances by famous local bands.And you thought the carnival was everything Goa had?!
The Travelling Gene
The Divar Island – While making my checklist there was this one place that was my top priority, The Divar Island. This not so touristy small island is accessible after taking a 5 minute ferry ride. The island is quiet and peaceful and has all the houses on a small hill top. The houses are far beyond spectacular and have this vintage feel. The typical Portuguese architecture is something of a stunner and will take your breath away. Don’t take my word, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the famous Bollywood director too thinks the same. Remember that movie called “Guzaarish”, the one with pretty Location? Yes, that’s what I am talking about. This place also has some of the most beautiful birds as it is a host for many migratory birds.Food – Of course one tends to try the sea food when in Goa. Prawns, crabs, shark and what not. When it came to food I thought to try the local cuisines here. The famous Goan Sausages, Goan samosa and pao. I fell in love with these three. Everywhere I went I hogged on these mouth-watering cuisines.Spice Farms – There are many spice farms in Goa. Visiting one was one of my dream especially after I got to know that you could play around with elephants here. The spice farm was a long drive as we were travelling from north goa and it is located a little bit on the outskirts of the city. The lush green place is a hidden treasure of every spice present on the planet Earth. Welcomed with this rejuvenating tea and followed by a guided tour and this ending with a buffet that this so good that you would want to cry out of pleasure. We paid a little extra and did this fun activity where you climb on an elephants back while they are sitting in a small stream and they splash water on you. The spice farms are a complete world in itself.Now when people talk about Goa, I don’t think they know this place as I know it. For me it is not a party capital but something of a hidden treasure which is still not fully explored. A place that is so exotic and beautiful. Goa is way more than beaches, booze and parties.
Neha Makdey
After a sumptuous meal, I asked Mr. Alex (he served me the delicious food) for directions to Old Goa. Mr. Louis (the owner of the restaurant), who was reading Newspaper in the balcony was listening to our conversation and he came to my rescue. He is a very friendly and knowledgeable person who has spent his entire life in Goa. Born in Divar Island (Goa), he currently runs one of the most popular restaurant in Panjim (Venite Restaurant) and plans to settle down in one of the Goan villages and live the rest of his life as his grandparents did....away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.
Soumeek Das
Goa is not about Beaches only. Apart from the Churches and Forts of Historical Significance, if you are looking forward to remains of ancient Portuguese culture, do not miss the Divar Island.It's a 10 minute ferry ride across the Mandovi River.
Hidden behind the tourist hyped beaches and psychedelic parties, I met a Goa where the older generation sits out on the balcaos of their brightly coloured houses, reading the newspaper and looking up to say hello to the neighbours as they pass by. A Goa where they show their love through food and cook up a dinner enough to feed a starving army. It's a Goa where time moves slow as they pull out old pictures and stories of your grandparents with the fan above you slowly stirring away the humid heat. A Goa where they spend evenings talking passionately about saving their culture that's getting over ridden by builders trying desperately to meet the demands of beach facing homes. A Goa where at night we used church bells to guide us and even when we got the wrong house they happily helped us find our way. A Goa where the man who sells freshly baked bread comes cycling down the street at sunset and all you can hear is the sound of the rubber horn, the crickets in the vast fields and the faint strain of mandos from a nearby home ..... a Goa where time has truly stood still.I'v never lived in Goa and I may never end up living there ..but I hope against all hope that this real heart of Goa keeps beating.
Sreshti Verma
3. Divar Island, GoaThe island of Divar lies in the Mandovi river in Goa. The rather huge island is home to some fascinating people and cultures. The island in itself has four villages which are diverse and fascinating in their practices. Its relative isolation has kept Divar in a unique state, which appears to be stuck in time. According to folktales, Divar was originally occupied by people of Old Goa who migrated here to escape a disastrous plague, which spread across Goa at that time.Every year Divar is decorated with lights to celebrate three festivals – two of them being Bonderam and Potekar. Bonderam is a carnival that takes place on every fourth Saturday of August, when each part of the village takes out their floats for the parade. Potekar, like Halloween, is celebrated three days before Lent and is a spectacle where locals roam around wearing handmade masks and bells!How to reach: Ferry from Ribandar and Old Goa. The island is about 10 km upriver from Panjim.