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Jenn Rumao
Fontainhas , which is located in Panji is also known as Goa’s Latin Quarter. It is best explored on foot or via bicycle , and strolling among its narrow cobbled streets will definitely transport you back in time.Painted in hues of green, pale yellow, and blue, along with red-colored tiled roofs, artistic doors, and overhead balconies, you’ll instantly fall head over heels with the rows of traditional Portuguese houses and cottages that cover the narrow, winding landscape. There are cute little cafés and bakeries that are over 100 years old dotting the streets of Fontainhas. This place is definitely a work of art and a great location to click pictures.
In late 18th Century, Antonio Joao de Sequeira, a Goan expatriate established Fontainhas. It was around noon when we walked around. On a double storeyed house painted yellow, there was a woman sitting at the terrace wearing a red floral dress and a hat reading a newspaper. Such attire and attitude isn't something you find every day. On the next building painted in white and green stripes, two young women chitchatting at the balcony in a tone that is quite loud. While the place looks ancient, the level of cleanliness makes you wonder if you have landed in Europe.We decided to have our lunch at Viva Panjim, located in one of the narrow alleys. Inside sat a septuagenarian lady in the counter. Just to mention, the interior isn't fancy and takes you back to the 60s. And there is no AC. We sat at the open veranda while gorging on the pork vindaloo.What we loved about this colony is while rundown Volkswagen Beetle has been replaced by a Grand i10, the old world charm is looming large all over the place.
Moulika Danak
My first stop was Fontainhas or the 'Fountains of Phoenix', as they call it. Its tiny ageless streets still has in it the power to transport you to a Portugal epoch while keeping your eyes busy in awe of vibrant architecture filled with bountiful vintage charm.Park your bike at a corner of a peculiar block (so that you remember where to come back), gear up with GPS and camera (if at all) and head on. Start from Sebastian Chapel and allow your eyes to collect souvenirs in terms of memories of these marvellous lanes spilling life as you walk through the sunny yellows, bright blues and many more blooming hues through architecture of Latin Quarters. Take that narrow lane behind the bush, climb uphill, get downstairs, smell the Bougainvillea as they form the crown in the air between two abodes and finally when you have soaked in a great lot of this vivid vicinity, there's a good chance you'll end up at this beautifully painted wall which stands out from afar.
Divyakshi Gupta
Fontainhas is the heritage quarter of Panjim which is a delight for lovers of architecture. Brightly painted, quaint Portugal homes with gorgeous windows, Fontainhas boasts of an old world charm like no other.
Sreshti Verma
After Anjuna we headed to Fontainhas, the old town of Panaji, where the Portugese architecture comes alive. We stayed at Aphonso Guesthouse—a heritage property still run by the family. The experience transported us out of the world of shacks and bars, and into a culture which is beautifully preserved by its people.