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Abhilash Sharma
Fontainhas: Must visit place,It's just around few min walk from the Panaji center. It's shows the Portugal traditional heritage and picturesque view.
Rachita Saxena
FontainhasFor people interested in colorful architecture and photography, Fontainhas is the best place to head to in Panjim. This place showcases beautiful Portuguese architecture in the numerous colorful buildings here which makes for a good photography backdrop.Also, this is one of the few places in Goa where Portuguese is still widely spoken. So if you are looking to observe the Portuguese side of Goa then this is the place to head to.
neha ballal
Also, take a walk through the streets of Fontainhas and Altino to get an authentic Portuguese Goan feel. The streets usually don’t have much traffic and have a vibrant feel due to the colors used. There is a Maruti temple if you go further down the road towards Mala and you can get a view of the city from there. One can come here to spend a quiet evening away from the hustle bustle of the main city and go back in time.The Reis Magos fort and the Coco beach which are all near Panjim are worth visiting. You can take a ferry across the Mandovi river from Panjim on your rented bike and go to this fort which was restored by a local Goan architect. The view from the top where you can see the city of Panjim makes you go back in time to where this might have served as a watchtower overlooking the city and imagine the canon being burst out on any enemy ships which sail by this route.
Dipta Subhra Sarkar
Fontainhas is an old Latin Quarter in Panjim/Panaji, capital city of the state of Goa, India. It maintains to this day its Portuguese influence, namely at the architectonic level, such as narrow and pretty winding streets as found in many European cities, old villas and buildings with projecting balconies painted in the traditional tones of pale yellow, green, or blue, and roofs made of red colored tiles.