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Miramar Beach

The main beach in the heart of the city, this is just a few minutes drive from the Panjim Main Market. Being is such a location, this beach is almost everytime crowded. The scenic beauty is awesome and the main reason is that this is the mouth of the Mandovi River. The slope of the beach is gentle and thus this place is ideal for swimming. You can also go for a morning or evening walk along the beach or sit and enjoy some snacks sold by the sellers who sit on the shores. This is however not the best beach if you are seeking one with lot of serenity and peacefulness.
Moulika Danak
Now with a content heart, I drove to the nearest beach - Miramar. The clean wide roads with scanty riders reminded me why I loved riding bikes. The beach- to my surprise- is sans shacks and relatively crowded, open-for-all kinds. At the entrance, there are bunch of hawkers selling fruits and candies. Walking through the lines between sea and sand, I found a relatively secluded place to settle and soak in the dusk with a sunset.If people-watching interests you, Miramar beach is a spot to observe the frenzy of tourists -running in the sea, splashing water, clicking a zillion pictures- which pops out through the calm regime of locals walking their dogs, performing summersaults or training by the beach.
This was my first beach experience in my life, its in panaji, i was so excited to visit a beach in goa and got to this place before checking into the hotel
Leena S.
There was an addition to our group as Lenka’s friend joined us. We explored the Portuguese colony, spent a lot of time there, drinking our coffees, talking about the previous day, knowing each other better, planning for future travels and all of that. Then we headed out to the Miramar Beach, spent some time there too, chilled out for a while. Later in the evening we went to a cafe and ordered a whole lot of cakes. It was our last day in Goa already and Lenka’s birthday was near. So we celebrated our farewell from the beautiful state with varieties of all kinds of chocolate available in the store.
Nikhita Biswas
In the evening we headed towards Panjim, a 47-minute scooty drive to have some street food in Miramar along the sides of Miramar beach. The street food was nothing compared to Delhi so you can definitely skip. However, you can enjoy pav bhaji and special MilkMaid Gola for Rs. 50/-. On our way to Panjim, we saw ships lined up back to back, Deltin Casino standing out amongst the rest. When you land at the airport, you can see a separate counter for Deltin Casino from where you can inquire and book tickets.
Nikhil Talwar