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Miramar Beach

The main beach in the heart of the city, this is just a few minutes drive from the Panjim Main Market. Being is such a location, this beach is almost everytime crowded. The scenic beauty is awesome and the main reason is that this is the mouth of the Mandovi River. The slope of the beach is gentle and thus this place is ideal for swimming. You can also go for a morning or evening walk along the beach or sit and enjoy some snacks sold by the sellers who sit on the shores. This is however not the best beach if you are seeking one with lot of serenity and peacefulness.
Sachin Joshi
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Mrinal Chaudhury
2. Felizardo CafeIn a trip spanning more than a couple of days, everyone sometimes feels the need to dial down a little and eat simple home like food - be it of any state! This little place doesn't show up on reviews as it is barely a gourmet eatery, it is a barely noticeable humble place serving a range as broad as goan baker breakfasts to typical home style Thalis! Looking like a corner for mostly youngsters and locals, the food here is immensely light on the budget & homely and has a simple Veg Goan Thali & a Fish Thali. The Veg Thali at a basic price of 100 INR comes with 2 rotis, a generous serving of rice, a spinach dal which varies with season, a veg vindaloo style curry and a stir fried side vegetable dish along with papad and a curd dish. The Fish Thali adds a delicious fish fry and a salad to go with as well. There is always the option of curating your own thali with the rest of the sumptuous veg or chicken goan dishes with roti or rice. In addition you can order any fresh Fish Fry in the season to complement your meal. No complaints if you wish to go for light snack items like sandwich or noodles as well with the Goan cream & cookie equivalent in a Serradurah.
Pavani Yerra
Took a ride to Miramar beach which offers an amazing beach walk at night times with many food stalls around to have panipuri and some Goan snacks.. Had a great time by the beach side with cool breeze passing by... Lovely way to close the trip :)Came back to stay and got freshen up,to start roaming on the streets of goa on bike just like that with no specified destination in mind.. on the way happened to meet many local people to learn about how they feel staying in a place which attracts the maximum number of people during the year ends.. we also saw many foreigners esp Germans who are enjoying their year end vacation..
Jenn Rumao
The beach is amongst the most popular beaches in Goa due to its central location. It has soft sand and is quite a destination for evening walks and early morning strolls.
Family On Wheels
Since my son, in the unique style of grumbling that only kids are capable of, had never stopped lamenting that it seemed he was never to see the seas again nor play on the beaches and that his fate was doomed at the hands of his church-hopping parents, we decided to stop by the Miramar beach next.There were a handful of people at the beach, just-married honeymooners, bickering families, elderly couples, joggers, walkers, selfie-takers, photographers, a gaggle of young revellers immersing Ganpati and dancing, and us. As my son played in the water, the two of us talked and laughed and bickered, and made up and walked and ran and played with our son, till the skies cleared and the clouds parted for a beautiful red, orange, pink and gold sunset.The sun is the same and so are the skies, and yet each sunset is so different from the previous one and the one coming next. The last time all of us sat and watched the sunset was on the Seine with a bottle of red and some cheese. The next time all of us would sit and watch another one, would things be any different? Would my son still come running out of the water and hug me? I hope he would, but, like they say, que sera sera…Dinner was Goan Chorizo pulao, again at the Candolim Deck followed by a short visit to Newton, a supermarket in Candolim, where I bought Goan chorizo and Pinagr, a dark brown Goan sweet made of jaggery and rice flour (and what a hit this unusual looking sweet turned out to be back home!)Saturday was our initially planned day of departure, but since all of us had voted to stay back another day, and since our current hotel was running full, Saturday started with checking out of Riva Gold Coast and into Sea Mist, just across the road. This room, bathroom and bed were much larger, but the dim lighting and the dated furniture gave it a somewhat gloomy feel. So as soon as we dumped our bags, we headed out again.Click here, to see our review of the Sea Mist