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Naag Temple

Subhrajyoti Parida
On 25th Jan morning, we left for the Naag Temple, a local temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. While climbing up the steps of the temple itself, one can see them covered with snow and some starting to melt. One should be careful walking on the melting snow, as there is every chance of slipping on them.Here too, undoubtedly, the landscape was beautiful and beyond words to describe. Then shopping time unleashed ! We each spent around Rs. 17,000/- buying local handmade blankets, carpets, the Pashmina shawls, scarfs etc, but each of them was too beautiful and worth every rupee !Finally we moved around enjoying random sceneries and the apple garden (with no apple at our time of visit !)Finally, all good things have to end (that too end quickly !!) The next day, we headed back to Jammu Railway Station via Kud Sweet Market, to board train to Delhi and from there, back to day to day life.