Bhira 1/9 by Tripoto


Rutuja Shivsharan
On 1st of January, we got up early morning with the chirping sound of birds, flowing river water, and the most beautiful scenic foggy view, we sat there for a moment soaking the beauty of Bhira, thanking universe and nature for making the very 1st day of 2018 as beautiful as it could have been.
Rutuja Shivsharan
Rutuja Shivsharan
Mohini Chauhan
Once you reach Bhira Village the real journey starts. Hiring a village guide is advisable. The guide shall charge you Rs 250-300. The 2 hour trek from Bhira village to Devkund Waterfall is a sheer visual delight. Surrounded by hills on side, clearest blue sky, the trek takes you through tiny boulders, green fields, dried grasslands and dense forests and as you inch closer towards the sound of cascading water awaits the most spectacular view ever. *Splash Splash* Don't forget to take selfies with the waterfall in the backdrop.
Next morning we start our journey again at 6 a.m now we have to climb mountain covered with dense forest for the next 1-1.5 kms to reach devkund.At 7:30 we reach devkund ... and believe me all your tiredness would blew away by just viewing the beauty of devkund. Thin trail of water falling from somewhere between the mountains and forming a small pond of water underneath. The water was so clear that you can even see the bottom of the pond.This whole place is surrounded by huge mountains preventing sunlight to fall on pond this makes the temperature of water in pond to go around 1-2 degrees but you can take a dip in it , it will surely refresh you.I think this was my best trek so far in pune hope to find some more exciting places like thisNote- the only network that wotk there is vodafone and you are not allowed to take alcohol with you to devkund.
Just to give you a background about the place, This place is remote location from a village called Bhira, which is 20kms from Pali (khopoli) from Mumbai side, because from Pune side it is almost 70-80Kms. As you reach Bhira, you will see the locals approaching you for Guide. Do take a local with you as the way up till the fall is through dense jungle and an hour long walk beside the dam. Point in taking locals is, you will not get lost in jungle nor waste you time finding the way.