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Neha Bhuchar
Go sand-boarding in Huacachina: Literally 5 minutes away from the sleepy town of Ica (see map), is the oasis town Huacachina. Bet your bottom dollar, you wouldn’t have seen anything more beautiful in your entire life! Book a buggy trip with a hostel to ride up and down the sand dunes and make sure you don’t miss out on sandboarding. Try to take the last trip of the day (~4.00 pm) to witness the sunset.
Le Voyageur
2) Huacachina, Peru
Coming down from the Peruvian Andes to this lovely oasis village in the midst of the desert was a true relief after the heights of the highlands. The sand dunes around this oasis are quite a marvelous sight. When the sun goes down the whole village goes up on them to enjoy the sunset.