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Bharath Mohan
Located 140 km upriver from Iquitos Peru and nestled in the wilderness of the Amazon Rainforest, Muyuna Lodge is an incredible location for a true nature getaway. We spent 4 amazing days getting lost in the jungle and observing dozens of species of birds, bats, spiders, caymans, sloths, monkeys, piranhas and pink dolphins. The experience starts with a pickup from your hotel in Iquitos, and a relaxing 2.5 cruise up the Amazon river before arriving at Muyuna Lodge. The moment you step off the boat you truly feel like you closer to nature than ever before - with birds singing and flying overhead, and walking along the boardwalk that floats above the water. We opted for the 4-day "Sunset" package, and these were some of our favorite memories of the trip: The food at the lodge is delicious! Meals are cooked fresh, and served three times a day, with fruits and snacks available in-between those times. Staff are out of this world friendly, going out of their way to make your stay at the lodge comfortable. Sleeping with the symphony of nature - incredible to fall asleep to the sounds of the jungle. Boat rides through thick river plants, and cutting our way through the jungle on a small rowboat to get as close to the animals and birds as possible. Sunset boat rides, floating to the amazing stars of the night sky, and then watching as our guide spotted Caymans (alligators) from hundreds of feet away in the darkness, then lept off the boat to catch them for us to see! Fishing for Piranhas, and swimming with the pink dolphinsWhat I liked Most5 days observing the amazing wildlife of the Amazon Rainforest. Birds, crocodiles, piranhas, sloths, monkeys and pink dolphins.. Thanks to the Muyuna team for an amazing weekend, we couldn't have asked for any more from our 4-day adventure! For any nature lovers, this is an absolute must do, and well worth the price tag.Pro TipsAsked for pan-fried plantains (off the menu) - they are so delicious! Visit the small town nearby and play soccer with the kids. No electricity in the rooms, but you can charge all your devices in the common area 24/7. Very safe to leave items in the day or nightCost DetailsCosts will vary depending on the package you choose. Our 4-day "Sunset" option cost approximately $550 USD eachAdditional info on transportationPickup and drop off from your Hotel in Iquitos followed by a boat ride to the Lodge.Additional info on foodDelicious breakfast, lunch and dinner provided by the Muyuna kitchen staff. Snacks also on site in case you get hungry throughout the day
Lemuel Dsouza
What kind of clothing and essentials should you take along?Because of the tropical climate, its hot and humid all throughout the year. Long shirts and pants are the best. Some prefer cotton as its comfortable to wear, but some prefer fast drying clothing.Other things you may need - headlamp, torch, spare batteries, flip flops, lot of socks, swim suit, hat, sun screen, rain poncho (available at muyuna), binoculars (to watch the birds), plastic bags and/or laundry bags, toiletries, camera, cash (in case you need to buy something at the lodge).You would be provided with tall rubber boots as a prevention to snake bites and for navigating through wet areas, so you don't really need to carry any specific shoes.The wildlife that we seen
Lemuel Dsouza
Part 3 of the series of my blog posts about Peru.The two most popular places to visit in the Peruvian Amazon are Iquitos (northern part of peru) and Puerto Maldonado (to the south of Peru).Iquitos vs Puerto MaldonadoCan't really say which is better since I've only been to Iquitos. If you select Iquitos, don't stay close to the town. There are lodges which are about 100 kms away from Iquitos (like muyuna) where you have higher chances of seeing wildlife, its better to go there.After checking a lot of reviews online, we opted for Muyuna Amazon lodge, Loreto, Peru. This place is about 100kms (3 hours) downstream Iquitos, along the Amazon river. With no electricity (solar lights and chargers for camera batteries) and no cell network, its a good break from our usual city life.You will get to see and do nearly all of what is mentioned in it. If you decide to go to Muyuna like I did, I would say the three sunset package is good enough, you get to do most of what Muyuna has to offer.I won't go into the details of the itinerary as it could be found at this link. What I think would be useful to you is the preparation for Amazon. I had to refer multiple websites and links to prepare for the trip, so I'll try and put most of the information you will need on this page so you don't need look elsewhere.Yellow fever, malaria, vaccinationsPeople in the lodge claim that they have not had any cases of yellow fever or malaria reported by any of their visitors. I'll admit that I didn't take any vaccinations and I didn't have any problem (It was too late until I decided to get them). Having said that, it is safe to get a vaccination so your vacation would be worry free. It would be good to get hepatitis A and B, Yellow fever vaccinations. Some used malaria tablets, but it comes with side effects.How early should I get the vaccine?Its advised to get it about 2 weeks before traveling. That would give ample time for it to take effect and give you time if you fall sick after taking the vaccine as some people do.Can I get the vaccine in Peru?Yes. I've heard that the 24x7 clinic at Lima airport administers Yellow fever and some other vaccines.How to minimize getting bitten by mosquitoes or insects at the Amazon?Insect repellent having deetLong sleeve shirts and long pants
Neha Bhuchar
Iquitos: Put those survival skills to test by taking the jungle expedition into the Amazon jungle, go Piranha fishing, get face to face with the wild life, try some Ayuhuasca, the jungles sacred drink: you will never run out of things to do in Iquitos. If you do not have time to visit this city, you can visit Tarapoto, a mini version of Iquitos.Go surfing in Mancora: Mancora and surrounding beaches are very popular for surfing. So, if that is something you are interested in, don’t forget to head out there before bidding farewell to this wonderful country.