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andreea badescu
Day 5: flight over the Nazca linesNazca is a small town close to the geogliphs with a small town vibe and 1-2 souvenir shops.Stay: You will probably be there for one night, so you may as well settle for something like Casa Andina Standard Nasca, which is the absolute basic.Do: fly over the Nazca Lines.You need to book your flight a day before with the hotel or one of the many agencies, and they will need to weigh you in order to make the seating plan for the airplane.As you will arrive at the airport early in the morning (7am-ish) they will just tell you that you will be seing the geogliphs on both sides, on the left and on the right. As you read this, imagine that after you see them on the left, the pilot will swiftly turn the plane around, with the wings almost perpendicular to the ground, at which time you may feel your entire stomach trying to maintain its former position, even if that means bursting out . So do not, I repeat, do not have breakfast before the flight over the geogliphs. It is only a 35 minute flight, pricey at that, as it cost 125 USD/ person, and you will get back to the hotel soon enough and indulge.The view and the geogliphs are worth the experience and will make for an enticing conversation topic, since apparently no one yet knows why these geogliphs were created or what purpose they served.Eat: there are quite a few restaurants, but the one most reccommended was El Porton. Good food, big servings, small prices.
Neha Bhuchar
Take a flight over the Nasca lines: Further down south is the desert of Nasca, the capital town of the Nasca civilization. This civilization was known to exist in 300 BC, way before the Incan civilization (1200 AD). The Nasca lines in this region are large engravings in sand that are only visible aerially. Take a flight over the lines (~80-100$) to be able to figure out the engravings in the shape of spiders, hummingbirds & monkeys or just climb the watch tower (~3 $) to see some of these lines from a height. Also, visit the Nasca cementary close by to be surprised by how well the Nascan mummies are preserved.