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andreea badescu
Day 2: en route to Paracas‘Paracas’ means strong wind in Aymara, an ancient local language, and is a small town on the Pacific shore. Our reason for going? The ocean, the Natural Reserve and the Ballestas Islands, the ones that provide Peruvians with the guano (local name for bird poop) that is wildly appreciated for its effect on crops and is exported on a large scale.
Neha Bhuchar
Bond with the sea lions at Paracas: Going south from Lima, Paracas islands a is popular destination for wild life watching. Take a ferry to the “Bellastas islands” and say hullo to friendly sea lions! Chuck Antarctica and meet the cute, human like creatures right here in Paracas. Yep, warm weather penguins are not very popular and are only found in Paracas and Galapagos (in Ecuador). The ferry will also take you through the Candelebra, one of the mysterios geoglyphs in Peru.