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The Treasury (al-Khazna)

Priyanka Banerjee
Off the beaten path experience in Petra: Ibrahim and I entered from a backdoor entrance which is strictly only for bedouins and rangers working in Petra. After a little talk, the guards finally let me in with Ibrahim. Wow, that first sight was mind blowing specially because there was literally nobody except both of us in this whole site. Tourists enter Petra from the front entrance and they always go for the "Al Khazneh" (aka Treasure) first and then make their way to the famous monastery We took the opposite path and hence, the whole walk towards the monastery was just excellent.
K azneh or The Treasury of Petra. After navigating the breathtaking pathway of hemmed cliffs soaring up to 80 meters, Petra dazzles visitors even more with its most beautiful monument - Al Kazneh or the Treasury. This colossal, elaborately carved facade of Al Kazneh is indisputably Nabataeans' ultimate proof of engineering and architectural genius.