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Bonus Round

Apart from dance, Tel Aviv has a lot to offer night birds. Here is a handy list of other fun places. Tel Aviv is big on veganism; head to Nanuchka ( for a vegan-Georgian meal topped with a dose of poetry and Communist nostalgia and Tenat (Chelnov 27; +972-54/749-9538) for a unique vegan-Ethiopian meal. The thematic Port Sa’id (Har Sinai 5; +972 3-620-7436), named after an Egyptian port, overfl ows with a young hipster crowd gorging on middleeastern food with an Ashkenazi twist. For local craft beers, The Dancing Camel Brewery ( offers an Olde Papa and Midnight Stout—take a tour and enjoy comedy nights. Local finds like Beer Bazaar (36 Yishkon 1 Rambam; +972-3/504-9537) at the Shuk Carmel offers a Fat Cat and Indian Pale Ale; Shpagat (Nahalat Binyamin Street 43; +972-3/560-1758) and Apolo (Allenby Street 46; +972- 3/774-1106) embrace LGBT nights.