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Chatham Saw Mill

Chatam Saw Mill is the oldest and largest Saw Mill in Asia, established in the British Era. One gets educated about the whole process of obtaining wooden planks. How the planks are transported, stored, watered, dried can be easily understood looking at the various boards mentioning the name of processes. The compound also has a museum where all kind of local woodwork is put on display.Anthropological MuseumThis museum is a must visit as it gives a detailed insight into the local culture and also about Jarawas which are the native tribe of the region.After all it’s always interesting to get to know more about the local cultural specially when the natives are tribal and still exist desolated from the ways of life of today's world.Naval MuseumThis museum maintained by the Indian Navy is also called Samudrika. One can see a wide array of corals, shells and skeletons of marine animals. There is an aquarium as well which have some unique fishes unseen is other aquariums mainland.
Reeti Srivastava
The next day we made a short trip to Chatham saw mill. Chatham is a small island connected to Port Blair by a bridge.The wonderfully crafted wooden showpieces at the museum was a beautiful sight to behold.Besides,there was also a small kiosk that sold some amazing wood products made out of state tree of Andaman- Andaman Padauk.
Kewal Dedhia
Chatham saw mill is one of the oldest working Saw mills in Asia and is open for tourist in the morning.
Aashna Jain
This mill, owned by the Forest department, is credited as one of the biggest and oldest saw mills all through Asia. It dates back to 1836 and is a big store house for different varieties of wood, including Marble, Padauk, Gurjan and Satinwood. This mill processes many types of ornamental wood suitable for making furniture and handicrafts.