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September - May
Families, Couples
5 out of 36 attractions in Port Blair

Chidiya Tapu

Soul & Fuel
The things that we did here was a trek to Chidiya Thapu. It is a beautiful trek to the top of Munda Pahad and takes around 45 minutes one way.The sunset from there was too good and I definitely recommend you to do this.
Soul & Fuel
Cellular JailWell it is a great historical monument. It will be good to go around by evening. Better get in by 4 in the evening. It will take at least an hour for a complete look around. Then comes the light show, which is a story telling event with a voice-over (available in Hindi and English, kindly check for the timings before getting into the jail)
Zerxes Wadia
Zerxes Wadia
The 25 minte trek at Chidiyatapu is worth only for the view from the top, one side is the tourist side of it and the other side of it is untouched by humans. A wonderful contrast to see and there are crocodiles lurking around so you are not allowed post sunset!
Port Blair is where the urban action is, but we were more keen to explore and discover the beauty of the #IslandLife. So, after a quick evening trek to see the spectacular cliffs at Mundapahar (Chidiyatapu) we caught a ferry south and went to Little Andaman - a place that not many people take the pain to go to.