Corbyn's Cove 1/17 by Tripoto
September - May
Families, Couples
9 out of 36 attractions in Port Blair
Karim S A
From there, we went to Corbyn’s Cove Beach. Spent a while there, watching people enjoy the speed boats, and it was evening by then.
Jatin Jhalani
After lunch, we went to Corbyns Cove beach. It was very crowded. You could do Jet-ski here, and the coconut water was also delicious. We sat on the beach for sometime and then, left for the light and sound show at Cellular Jail(also, known as Kala Pani).
Corbyn’s Cove Beach
Wander - Wandering around I discovered some of the most friendly and open hearted people. Everyone ready to answer questions, give directions or simply - chat! Wandered in a middle school on 26 th to participate in their flag hoisting ceremony. Not only did they invite me to join in, but also handed me a box of sweets!
A scenic stroll along the coast of the beautiful Corbyn’s Cove Beach lined by lush green palm trees should be part of every Andaman trip.
Reeti Srivastava
Touching down at the Port Blair airport and driving through the streets you will fall in love with the spic and span streets. Corbyn's cove beach was our first tryst with Andaman's sea. Its a  large beach lined with coconut trees in the surrounding and offers some interesting water sports for the adventure seekers.A ride on the water scooter should be definitely on your list as it will be surely a thrilling and fun experience.
Monika Sharma
This was the first beach we visited and undoubtedly it was one of those serene, so much cleaner and beautiful beaches. We decided to witness the sunrise over this beach and reached by 6 AM. We were quite before time and hence could play around and click several of the horizon, sea, friends, coconut trees pictures. It was a bit cloudy hence we couldn't see the full fledged sunrise but this was a good start of out Andaman trip. This beach also proved to have a special significance for us because 2 of our friends had been to a beach for the first time in their lives and they were simply amazed at what all a simple sea beach can offer and what can it do to you.
Anand Menon
We then proceeded to Corbyn’s Cove Beach which was on the edge of this island. The drive along Marine Drive to the beach was truly breath-taking – smooth roads curving along the coast, clear waters on the left and a gentle breeze in the hair. The beach was beautiful with a lot of coral washed ashore. We relived our childhood when we used to collects shells on the beach, but this time we picked out the most beautiful and intricate corals. We walked along the shore till the end of the beach where we found some nice photo spots.
Sreenyanika Das
beautiful sunset and water sports.