Da Bay Inn

Aradhana Mathews
My friend and I were taken to our hotel, which was, in a word, atrocious. For starters, the elevator was barely functional and the toilet was broken. It was nothing like its images on the internet. I will not go into much more detail, but it is suffice to say that this hotel definitely did not justify the premium price we paid.One important fact all travelers should know is that the Andaman islands do not have internet facilities. Wifi is available in some hotels, but usually only in the lobby. On smaller islands such as Havelock island, even basic phone service is not always available.This handicap was an issue, as my friend and I could not even research other hotels to stay in. Eventually, after numerous phone calls to the travel agency, they agreed to put us up in a different hotel when we returned to Port Blair from Havelock island. The other hotel they chose was called Keys, and was excellent (it was also walking distance from the airport).