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Tango Wave

Mr. Beardo
So we reached hotel Tango, our first check-in at the Islands in Port Blair. Tango is a decent hotel with basic facilities. The stay in Port Blair actually doesn’t matter, as you will be out sightseeing most of the times. So going for a decent accommodation will help you save some bucks. After resting for a while, we set out on a beautiful walk and we caught a distant view of the largest bay in the world, the Bay of Bengal. We walked through a ‘completely shut down’ market place and found a nice little place to eat. When we came back to the hotel, we were informed that our plans of leaving for Havelock the next day might take a hit, as we hadn’t booked the ferry tickets in advance. Since the access to network and Internet was almost nil we couldn’t book the cruise tickets online. There are 2 ways one can travel to the neighboring Islands, government ferry or the fancy ‘Mak Cruise’, latter being clean and faster but expensive. But fortunately, the manager at Tango managed to get us tickets in the government ferry.