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Bhimashankar Temple

If you love trekking than this place is perfect for you. Only problem is in monsoon you need to be very much careful even driving car too. But we were here in monsoon only and lush, foggy environment just superb and our trip become memorable. Very nice and peaceful natural place of lord shiva in the hills.How to reach:
Devaditya Juneja
And as is the case with every temple in the ranges, the first thing we notice upon reaching Bhīmāshankar Jyotirlingam is Monkeys, everywhere, and of course Lord Shiva's devotees.
Amlan Ghosh
We entered the Bhimashankar Temple. Many people came to see this temple. There is market through out the main temple where you can find flowers to offer Shiva, sweet corn costing 20 per plate, sweets. There are lots of ox, dogs roaming in search of food. The main temple is built in Nagara style. There is always a huge queue to enter the main temple. There are two man-made pond where there is a large fish in one and a turtle in another. Many people was a taking a glimpse of it may be there is some stories related to them or for nothing. There I saw the shiv bhakt wearing that t-shirt. Due to time constraints we miss to see Bombay Point and the Bhim river origin. After spending 2 hours there we finally started to descend.