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It was Friday, 12th August when I decided to go on this road trip of 1000 years of Indian golden medieval age on my motorcycle alone. I packed only required things in the bag( two t-shirts, one lower and one water bottle and some electronic gadgets too! ). It was raining in Pune, So I had to wear rain jacket too when I left from Pune. It was almost 2:30 am in the morning of 13th August when I was inspecting my motorcycle even for minor issues as it was my only companion for the next three days. I cleaned the chain and lubricated it as it was making sound last night. I had already checked the air pressure last night itself. I was set to go.Day 1, August 13: Bijapur(17th century AD)At 3 o'clock in the morning, I started my journey. No sooner did I started my motorcycle than I was thrilled by the moment that I was really going to make it happen alone. I started from Pune and my first stop was Bijapur. I had always been fascinating about the Gol Gumbaj ever since I had read about it in history books during my school days. I took the Pune-Hyderabad highway till Solapur.