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Rajgad Fort

This is one of the largest forts of Maharashtra and was the capital of chhatrapati shivaji for more than 26 years. The erection of this dates back to almost 2000 years and it was initially ruled by the Adilshahis then the Nizamshahis and then the Marathas. It has a tristar shape and a central Hall in the middle. There are machis on each end of the fort. This fort was renovated with the wealth of the treasure found in the adjacent Torna Fort. The main parts of this fort are the Padmavati Machi which has the Padmavati Temple, Sanjivani Machi, Suvela Machi and the Bale Killa.
Akshay Kokare
Rajgad fort is etched in to every Shivaji maharaj Followers and admirers. And yes I am proudly among them.First freedom struggle also known as Swarajya - Self rule. So lets talk about this fort. As i have visited this Fort Twice in Rainy as well as Summer. So Lets trekking Began. The fort is a significant tourist destination and is most sought after especially during monsoon. Visitors prefer to stay overnight on the fort considering the fort itself is huge and cannot be explored in a single day. The Padmavati temple on the fort can accommodate around 50 people. Water tanks provide fresh water all throughout the year
Sahil Raut
Aah.. Bliss! Something you cant explain in words. You have to experience it yourself!