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Geumsusan Memorial Palace

Charu Mittal
This place serves as the mausoleum for Kim Il-sung, the founder and eternal president of North Korea, and for his son Kim Jong-il who succeeded him as the country's ruler. Foreign visitors can access the palace only on Thursdays and Sundays. They must be on an official government tour. Visiting this place really tells you about how much of a place Kim Il-sung occupied in the hearts of his people. It is a very solemn and beautifully built place and should feature in your itinerary for sure. In North Korea everything is about Kim 11-sung. He was a very important leader of the country, and is forever regarded as the President. His successors are regarded as generals. It is no wonder then, that at the Memorial Palace you will be made to go through a tiresome procedure before you can enter. And yes, they are very secretive about the place. But this is almost like a holy spot for them and must be treated as such. Bow to the statue like you're told to. It will be something you'll never be able to forget.