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October to March
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Gadisar Lake

The original purpose of creating this lake in the city of Jaisalmer was to meet the water requirements of the increasing population. It was built by King Gadi Singh and thus the name Gadisar Lake. The lake being so beautiful, had to be accepted as a pious place of worship and so were built a number of temples in the precincts of the lake. Out of the all the temples the most popular is the Krishna Temple alsodo known as the Tilon ki Pol. This was built by an officer of the king known as Tila in spite of the king’s contempt. He later placed the idol of Satyanarayan or Lord Vishnu inside this temple. The temple could be caused no harm even after a number of trials. At present the lake does not serve the original purpose, but is one of the primary attractions of the city. Also during the winter season, many migratory birds come here and serve as a visual treat for all those who visit the lake.
Built by Maharaja Rawal, this lake served as a water conservation reservoir which helped people to tackle severe water problems in this area. Many temples and shrines are built around the place. One can find many migratory birds in the winter but avoid going there on sunny summer days and in the afternoon because the blunt sunlight will hardly help you to discover the beauty of this place. I went there around 4 pm as I knew the lake would look magical in the sunset colors which would help me to get some nice clicks. There are provisions for boating if and it is quite cheap for a silent float across the lake. I decided to admire the tranquility of the place and spent some lone time imbibing the serenity of the place. The entrance of the gate got its own historical importance and its called Tilon ki pol by the locals. It has a Desert cultural museum beside it which has many ancient cultural artifacts.
Priya Parashar
We then moved to our second destination which was Gadisar Lake. And the first thing we noticed was that there was no tourist. You will find temples, and Chattris around the banks of this lake. We skipped boating as the day was becoming hot. You can skip this if you are short on time.
Sabyasachi Mukherjee
A place heavenly for PhotographersGadisar Lake is a place very close to the railway station. Nice lake with sandstone architecture and many street hawkers selling colouful rajasthani art-piece.
Kartikaya M Nagar
A beautiful and serene lake just a few minutes away from the city.
Bikashjyoti Pathak
"Hope" (read water) in the scorching heat & scorched earth of Jaisalmer