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Kunkeshwar Beach

Myron D'silva
This is about my family weekend outing to Malwan and Kunkeshwar - both beautiful coastal places in southern Maharashtra, with the state of Goa another 70 kms from Malwan. The first day my family and I visited Kunkeshwar. We took the Rajya Rani Express from Dadar, Mumbai and reached Nandgaon Road (Closest railway station to Kunkeshwar) after an overnight journey.At the station we had our hired vehicle waiting for us. Keep in mind that Kunkeshwar is a remote coastal area and one will not get the facilities like you expect in Goa. So its better to book your hotel beforehand by phone and through your hotel you can make arrangements for transport. Public transportation is not frequent but the roads are pretty smooth.You may not receive mobile network here and other than the hotel that we stayed in, there are just 1 or 2 hotels more.At Kunkeshwar, we stayed at the Hotel Sukh Sagar, an MTDC hotel, very clean and at amazing location where you have a commanding view of the deserted but picturesque Kunkeshwar Beach right from your balcony.There is a temple on the beach and just a few fishermen boats. A perfect getaway for those looking for some peace and tranquility. Nearby places to visit include the mighty, but unknown, Vijaydurg fort which I will recommend that you visit. Also you can visit Tara Mumbri beach, the cleanest beach I've seen till date. As for food at Kunkeshwar, vegetarians can get good meals near Kunkeshwar temple near the beach and non vegetarians can head off to Vasant Vijay in Devgad for lip smacking sea food.Oh, and not to forget, Kunkeshwar is filled with Mango trees and plantations everywhere. :)Second day we headed to the now touristy town of Malwan. After coming from a place where you seldom find people, you are back in the presence of human settlements and you start receiving your mobile network again.We stayed at Rosary house, near Chivla Beach. They just have three rooms(again advisable to book beforehand) but very clean, reasonable rates and you can expect homely service from the owners. You need not worry about accommodation in Malwan as there are many hotels.Things to look forward to in Malwan are the majestic Sindhudurg fort which is surrounded by water on all sides off Malwan Beach, spot known as Devbag which is a meeting point for a river and a sea, the many beaches (famous ones include Malwan Beach and Tarkarli Beach) and a rock garden where you can relax in the evenings.Of all the beaches, the most recommended to visit are the southern most beaches of Nivati and Bhogave if your idea is to visit not so touristy beaches.Malwan is the birthplace of Malwani Cuisine which consists of spicy sea food with coconut as a main ingredient, not surprising with Malwan being a coastal town. Do try the traditional "Solkadi" made from Coconut milk and Kokum juice. This refreshing drink is available in every hotel in the konkan region of Maharashtra.For adventure junkies, you can go for scuba diving or snorkeling at Malwan beach or Tarkarli Beach. Although don't expect the experience of scuba diving in the Andamans but nevertheless still a good venture, especially for the beginners.Secluded pristine beaches, mouth watering meals, and relaxation all the way, the ideal recipe for the perfect weekend getaway.