King Khalid International Airport

It was an early morning. the wind was touching my skin, may be trying to welcome me. Though she was asking - what is an stranger doing in an strange land. One of the best things about desert is the morning and evening wind. Its not too hot nor too cold, though days are hotter normally. you will not find any better time to wander around except morning and the evening.This ancient city was formed in the middle of desert but modern infrastructure and proper planning has kept the human life in comfort. Roads are wide and clean (mostly). Electricity is provided 24x7 throughout the year and very cheap. Supermarket have taken the place of traditional shops. Taxi is the new mode for transportation rather than traditional public bus. When you visit here, try your best not look like a foreigner, always try to look as a local. Remember, this is the key to avoid any unwanted attraction. Airport is 40 km away from the city but a new metro line is being constructed and soon will be ready for public use. I stayed in An Nuzhah area, which is not far from the famous Hayat Mall.Caution: Photography is not allow publicly in Saudi Arabia. So, ask a local before clicking any picture. All the images are taken from Google.