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Next, visit another UNESCO World Heritage Site – an entire village! Sighişoara is a fully restored village that will take you back in time. Roaming around the hilly streets, getting lost in winding cobbled alleys and secluded squares will transport you to an era of kings and peasants! Also, Sighişoara is the birth place of Vlad the Impaler, the prince who ruled Wallachia and was the inspiration for Count Dracula! So basically you are visiting the town where Dracula was born.
Pranav Harish
Sighisoara is a UNESCO recognized town in Romania which is a tiny medieval city of winding cobbled alleys, steep stairways and secluded squares and places like this rarely exist. It has pastel-coloured buildings, stony lanes and medieval towers simply bolstering its beauty and making it an idyllic place to visit in Transylvania.