Santa Claus Holiday Village

Yesha Gala
Here I land... To the official town of Santa Claus! There was a red Santa bus which had come to pick me up from the airport and dropped me directly in my small cottage which was just like another small house you dream about or like a house which you draw! Freshening myself I decided to pay a visit to the Santa & look he was right there.. the original Santa Claus about whom we have always been told stories or have seen one dress like him on Christmas. The Santa actually knows everything! He knew how I had traveled, he could speak my language! I was just amazed.. Left Dumbstruck! Later in the noon I visited Santa Park. Although its not open during February, I was fortunate enough to at least get a small guided tour of the place, it is setup under a big Cavern offering so many things for children as well as adult. Well I couldn't stop imagining how lively it would be during Xmas. Another evening I thought of trying my luck again and rode a snowmobile into the Arctic Forest & guess what.. I could find the Aurora.. Chasing me.. And I was riding around as if I'm gonna catch hold of it! We did our tour with Arctic Circle Snow Mobile Park, their guides were just so excellent & friendly.. The next day I visited the Ranua Arctic Zoo where I could see the Polar Bears, Wolves, the Arctic Fox, the snow owls and many more arctic creatures. We had a great time in the lovely small city of Rovaniemi!