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St. Anns Bay

Kristi Keller
Fire Water, located in St Ann’s Bay is one of the coolest natural wonders I’ve ever seen. I read about it in a trip report of a friend of mine, so I had already seen pictures. I remember thinking “That’s pretty neat but I’d never find it”. Never gave it a second thought.his pool of water in the hills has minerals and natural gasses from the earth in it, allowing it to burn when ignited. It is said to have healing properties as well. When I was standing in it the water was really warm, when I tasted it I was surprised that it was salty. Our driver splashed his face and head with it, he even waved his hands through the flames without getting burned. The guy who brought us up there was praying to Haile Selassie as we waded in the pool. This makes me believe it’s a very spiritual place and doesn’t get abused or overused.