Bamboo Avenue 1/undefined by Tripoto

Bamboo Avenue

Kristi Keller
Ever since May of 2003 when I was practically a Jamaica virgin I’ve been wanting to find Bamboo avenue again and drive through it, only this time I wanted to pay attention! That trip years ago was only my second time in Jamaica and I was a passenger and had no idea where in the world I was! Now fast forward to my 14th trip and I practically replicated the exact road trip from 2003 – from Negril all along the south coast through St Elizabeth and up the mountain into Mandeville. Only this time I was driving and paid much more attention! I was also with 3 other Canadian girls on this last trip and one of them was on a mission. She must see Bamboo avenue, no questions!! It was really funny because I didn’t know exactly where it was so we asked a lot of people and most people didn’t have a clue! I was shocked that even locals who lived nearby didn’t know what we were talking about. Anyway we did find it just by following the road to Mandeville and it was just as lovely to drive through as I remembered! However I don’t think I recommend filming WHILE driving! There are just too many potholes and I had to edit out the parts of this video where I failed to dodge them! Every time we hit one you could hear the four of us laughing in the background