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September - May

Perito Moreno Glacier

I was first introduced to the joys of trekking, while I was very reluctantly starting my hike up to the Paro Takstang Monestry , Paro, Bhutan- at the height of 10,240 ft above the mystic Paro Valley. Not to mention, my physical agility was quite tending to negative back then, in 2013!A journey , which started with an initial - "I am not doing this" and ended with a "I want more of it" , left me quite insatiable of the joys of taking a painstaking hike to reach a completely worthy-of-the-pain destination .Then and now! A lot has changed - with the exception of my wanderlust ! And the insatiable adventure spirit in me, got a new dope to look forward to.The Big Ice Trek! As the name rightly suggests, is a 5 hour long hike of which 3 and a half hour is ice walking on the Perito Moreno Glacier.Advice: Bring out those running shoes and start doing some physical activity, at least for a month, prior to the trip! This is a moderate to difficult trek and although it may sound like "just walking", it gets a little hard on the feet and lungs, sometimes.Pack in some hiking gear - shoes, rain wear, gloves(Must!), cap, a good - couple of warm layering to beat the strong winds,Polaroid sun glasses, a good sun screen , oodles of enthusiasm and you are all set to go!My journey , started on a beautiful, pleasant, sunny morning, with an 80 km bus ride - from the El Calafate town to the Glacier port ; across breathtaking landscapes - of the road running thorough a desert on both sides, with the view of the spectacular Lago Argentino and some surrounding hills.We stopped briefly at a viewing point , which took us face to face with the glacier , we were about to traverse! The massive block of moving ice - Right Ahead! The placid waters, the broken pieces of ice floating around! And the sound of the breaking ice - like some distant fireworks sans the light!! A cocktail of brilliant surreal sensations!!.It was tough to pull away from the viewing balcony, but the anticipation of "the best is yet to come", did the trick!My captures, can never do justice to what my senses experienced, however, for the sake of memory keeping..