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Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Ajita Mahajan
A little luck, a little advantage, a little travel, and a little effortI had been working with Amazon for almost 4 years and had moved to Seattle 6 months back from India. Since then I have traveled many places and a couple of them with Alaska airlines. Click here for more details on each of these placesOn a random lucky day, Amazon employees got an email that Alaska and Amazon have tied up to benefit the employees with extra miles for each journey and MVP status after two round-trips. I really wanted to make the best use of this and made a travel plan to Denver to reach the MVP status and avail advantages like free baggage, early boarding, and complimentary upgrades.Today was my last day in Seattle and I was doing a mini-tour before I reach India. My first stop was in Montreal and I had booked a connecting flight from Seattle to Montreal with a layover in Boston. The first leg was 5-hour long with Alaska airlines and the second one with Westjet airlines.I was very excited to travel with an MVP status and was curious about what all I can use it for. While waiting in queue to check-in the baggage, I saw a counter at some distance for MVP and Gold class members. I quickly got out of the long queue and headed to the counter. I was expecting to pay baggage fees for my flight from Boston to Montreal because of different airlines, but to my surprise, I didn’t have to, not yet sure why.After the security check, I seated myself comfortably at the boarding gate just when I got an idea to try my luck to get a business class seat using my MVP status. Immediately, I went to the Alaska customer service counter and asked the lady at the desk if my seat could be upgraded. To be honest, I was a bit nervous about the response. The lady hit some keys on her computer and that’s when my hopes got high. I was trying hard to not smile and had my fingers crossed when she looked up and said that I was able to get an upgrade. Though only for a domestic flight of 4 hours, I was pretty excited about the upgrade, as much as I broadcasted to my friends and my family and social media.
Rohan Sood
If you're arriving by air, you'll most likely be flying into Seattle–Tacoma International Airport (SEA). From here you can ride the Central Link Light Rail (USD 3 one way) for 30 minutes to get to downtown to kick start your Seattle itinerary.Best Time to VisitThe best season to visit Seattle, Washington is definitely April through September. You are guaranteed lush green meadows and beautiful flower blooms. It is also the best time for hiking and other outdoor activities. Make sure you pack a waterproof jacket, rains are unpredictable in Seattle.Where to Stay