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Chhoie Waterfall

Somya Rakshit
This waterfall is 15-30 mins hike depending on your fitness and speed from the main road in Mungla.
The Wolf Girl
Usually mountains, lakes, waterfalls are considered sacred in such places. We trekked 5kms back and forth. The trek was really exciting for me. It warms up your body to the extent that you have a blood rush, your heart starts pounding and the sweat feels great. There are steep steps, slippery paths - wide only enough that your both feet can be adjusted. We were 13 people in the entire group. Initially the first 20mins were exhausting and it felt as if I have had an hour-long gym session. I tied my hair up, and resumed again. Felt almost like Spider Man while climbing huge rocks. My friend on the other hand was panting like dog. The trek is quite difficult, but having said that it is still doable, even for first timers. The journey was adventurous and it took us approximately 1.5hrs to reach our destination. We even took breaks in between to catch our breath. Do remember to keep some water but drink only after your breathing has slowed down.Chhoie waterfall is a sacred one. Right before the water there is a tree with red bandanas tied to it. Locals say that the tree is the God/protector of Chhoie.When I reached there, I was overwhelmed. The waterfall was massive and flowing with full thrust. The chilly water felt like a gentle breeze on our skins. The beauty of this waterfall is that it is so secluded that only travellers and explorers can be seen here and no tourists (else the place would be a garbage dump).We had ample time to click photos in different poses and feel the water. You can even drink it, because it's so clean. Remember not to litter the area. Feel free to go as close to the waterfall as you want. You may even stand directly under it (I didn't because it was shit cold). It's important that when you travel you cherish the moments. Often, we find ourselves engrossed in taking pictures and capturing digital moments. My point here basically is that put down your phone, sit on the rocks and listening to crackling sound of water flowing past by you. What you will feel in that moment is divine. Nature has its own way of making your soul happy.Aman bhayyia even narrated a few mishap stories of people falling down because they were not careful or engrossed in their phones taking pictures. We all decided to enjoy the trek and nature and take pictures only when we reach the destination.After spending 40mins at Chhoie Waterfall, we decided to return since sunset had already begun and it is really not very safe to trek this kind of path in the dark. Coming back was really easy as it was downhill. Didn't feel like we were putting any efforts. On our way back we tried some wild berries - sweet and sour taste filled our mouth. Don't eat them all the way, just chew to take in their juices and then throw away the residue.
Ginny Bansal
Rachita Saxena
Take a Trip to the Chhoie Waterfall
Himani Khatreja
The road running along Tirthan River takes you to Gahidhar Village, situated around 3km from Gurshaini. Starting with a series of cemented steps, and an ascending trail on broken boulders, a 45-minute trail through the village opens up to the most magical waterfall. Hidden in the forested valley, very few know of this 120-feet-high Chhoi Fall, so you may well be the only ones there. Remember to take your swimming gear along, so you can take a dip in the crystal clear water.