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Shillong View Point

Upper Shillong is an area in Shillong, famous for sight seeing and luxury hotels.
Sagar Radhi
From here you can see the entire Shillong. This place is known as Upper Shillong, which will be colder than Main Shillong. Reach there also early because this view point is in Army Cantt, hence all vehicles needs to first get registered at the main gate. Each vehicle takes 5 min. you can calculate the total time of waiting after counting all vehicle ahead you. For us it was 40 min. As I went in Nov, this is a starting season for Cherry Blossoms hence we saw many beautiful Cherry tress on the way
Naveen C V
Our first spot was the Shillong Viewpoint. It's inside an Air force station. So, visitors need to carry their ID cards. There are two towers there, in which one has a Telescope. The place offers a majestic view of the hill station. We could spot the bazaars and even our Hotel from up there. The panoramic view without a telescope is also wonderful. We also tried the Traditional Khasi dress.
Laitkor peak Shillong:- You can view Shillong city from there and for a clear view, you can use a telescope.Observation towers offering Telescope to see the view. There was some entry fee to get inside the campus around 20/INR. Please carry a passport and visa If you are not from India.
manish dhaka
Shillong peakIt is iconic place to breath in the mesmerising vibes of shillong. Nothing can capture the view but your eyes.....seriously. You cannot leave this place happily. So was with us, sun was going down and we had to leave.
8th JUNEIt was totally rest day for us.We did all our bookings via AIRBNB....if you compare and check prices it is more affordable and luxurious.Our check in was with EMORDINI our first host in UPPER SHILLONG area called NONGSHEK...the host offered us keys as we arrived.We were dropped near ANJALI PETROL PUMP in SHILLONG CITY area from where our host EMORDINI negotiated with cab driver and we paid 150 only to reach upper Shillong!! If you don't have good local connection you might pay upto 300 to go to Upper Shillong..ANJALI PETROL PUMP is a known area apart from POLICE BAZAAR in can reserve a private taxi or shared cabs , depends on the availability.At evening we went out just for stroll ...attaching pics of the beautiful view of Shillong city.We decided to ask our host to rent her 2 wheeler YAMAHA RAYZ scooty for next day to travel to our all were 2 or 2 n half an hour away... being in PUNE you have a habit of driving between Pune and Mumbai or Lonavala,so we thought 2 wheeler might sound good....we booked it for RS.500 for a day.