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Shillong View Point

Upper Shillong is an area in Shillong, famous for sight seeing and luxury hotels.
A small drive around the city and saw the beautiful places in the city.. to include the church, the Governors lake and shillong view point.
Rahul Rewaria
Next Day, We kept it a bit relaxed and we explored the local sightseeing and colourful town Shillong. We visited Elephant Waterfall for which you have to take a walk down in the mountains. The original Khasi name for the falls is Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew, which translates to "the three-step waterfall" and this waterfall should be on your list whenever you go to Shillong.
Sagar Radhi
From here you can see the entire Shillong. This place is known as Upper Shillong, which will be colder than Main Shillong. Reach there also early because this view point is in Army Cantt, hence all vehicles needs to first get registered at the main gate. Each vehicle takes 5 min. you can calculate the total time of waiting after counting all vehicle ahead you. For us it was 40 min. As I went in Nov, this is a starting season for Cherry Blossoms hence we saw many beautiful Cherry tress on the way
Naveen C V
Our first spot was the Shillong Viewpoint. It's inside an Air force station. So, visitors need to carry their ID cards. There are two towers there, in which one has a Telescope. The place offers a majestic view of the hill station. We could spot the bazaars and even our Hotel from up there. The panoramic view without a telescope is also wonderful. We also tried the Traditional Khasi dress.
Debajani Gohain
Unplanned trekking can take you to some unexplored but beautiful places.