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Barshaini to Rudranag Trail (Trekking)

Ramyani Biswas
Day 3: Kasol to Barshaini Again we hired a taxi to reach Barshaini. According to bhai’s plan we hiked from Barshaini to tosh, so reaching there in the afternoon. The entry of Tosh itself is very beautiful, crossing a tiny bridge which connects it with the outer world we entered the tiny mountain village, having people with huge hearts and extremely carefree attitude, but intelligent and humble in nature. We boarded in a hotel called ‘Holiday Homes’. After we took some rest we did a small trek to a village called Kutla, but as we were late and not having any equipment for a night trek, we had to return. So, we had our lunch in a beautiful tiny restaurant called ‘stoned age’ and started our return journey to tosh. That night, there was no electricity in our hotel, so we slept early. Mountain silence can make a city dweller extremely uncomfortable in the starting but eventually one will start feeling the calmness over there.
Shantanu Srivastava
From Manikaran, its a 1-2 hours ride to reach Barshaini Village. Its a 22 km stretch in the mountains with Untouched nature and simple village landscapes. Take a HRTC bus from Kasol. Private Taxi is also another option. The village acts as the starting point for many treks including Kheerganga, Tosh, Malana , Pin Parvati. A hydel power project is also being constructed in Barshaini.
The next day, with all exultation we left for Barshaini, a small village ahead of Kasol, in an open jeep which is the last motorable point to reach Kheerganga. We started our trek at around 11am. Though, it was a rainy season, the sun was shining sharp and bright and a 13kms of uphill, raw, tricky trek was lay ahead of us. Since, it was supposed to be a rough trek and we were to stay just for a day up there, we all decided to carry just the necessary stuffs in a single backpack and keep it as light as possible to maintain a decent pace. We crossed few villages on our way up, barely populated but as gorgeous as they can be. There were lots of cafes there, where one can choose to take a halt for a while, get a breather and move on. We found apple trees on our way and seeing such freshly grown, it was hard to resist having them. So we got apples (5rs for one) from villagers.
Sourav Ravish
We went to the Parvati kund after the sunrise, dipped ourselves in the hot water, got our pictures clicked and left for Barshaini and to Kasol after that. Below is a picture that makes me feel nostalgic, sipping the black tea after wrapping ourselves up in our clothes after taking the hot water bath in bone freezing wind and minus degrees temperature. By the evening we were in Kasol. Having booked a room there, we slept like a baby after the awesome Israeli food of the town.From my experiences, I know one thing. Wherever you go, try to find the old part of the town rather than the newer one, because the old part is where you will actually know where you have come, the culture and the cuisine there. Take Manali for example, you have not really visited Manali if you have not really been to Old Manali after crossing the bridge over the Manalsu river. Similarly, old Kasol is where there are awesome cafes and people who are more kind towards travelers.Next day, we rented Enfields to go to Tosh.
Arjun Singh