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Barsheni Road

Shashank Sinha
The village walk to Tosh was planned for today.
Sambhav Poddar
Swati Sambyal
Someone rightly said that it is not the destination but the journey that matters. The 14km trek to Kheerganga is all about the journey. One should try starting the trek at 6 AM in the morning from Barsheni. The way upwards is not only mesmerizing but mystical as well. It is a difficult trek but one worth the effort. You can feel a lightness with every step.
Vachana Shetty
Bhandak Thatch to Barshani Date: May 10 2014 Feet: 8000ft to 6600 ft Kms: 10 kms Time taken: 8:30AM to 12:00PM Difficulty: Easy Terrain: This descend takes you about 3 hours with breaks. The first sight of houses you see makes you realise you are back to civilization and a dam construction at Barshani rudely shakes you up from the dream you have lived for the last 7 days. BARSHANI TO MANIKARAN TO KASOL Date: May 10 2014 Feet: 6600ft to 6500ft Kms: 21 kms Time taken: 12:30PM to 1:45PM Difficulty: Bus Ride :) Experience: The dogs that stayed with us for the whole trek had to figure a way to get back to Kasol. We were boarding the bus from Barshani to Manikaran. So we tried to get the dogs inside but they refused. Instead, they ran behind the bus for 21 kms. Kudos to them! I had very little time to freshen up as we were leaving Kasol at 4PM. Quickly, we collected our belongings that we had left at base camp, picked up our certificates and got into the cab which dropped us to Bhuntar. This is where I saw my sunburnt face for the first time and believe me, it wasn’t a pretty sight. Half my face was fine. From nose downwards was black. I basically looked like a monkey. But, this has been my defense for the last 2 weeks – Whatever dude.. I completed a Himalayan Trek :)