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Grahan Camp - Sar Pass (YHAI)

abhishek krishna
Grahan village: By now everyone in the group was comfortable with each other and most of us had already created a mental image of what to expect during the entire week. Many were there for the thrill, many for the beauty and many wanted to use it as a topic of discussion over a drink with friends. I still don't know why I visit the hills so often, when most of my friends would rather be happy sipping beer from a pint in some costal area.Anyhow, I kept myself free of all illusions and decided to take each day as it comes. After having spent a few days acclimatizing, and hiking a few trails, we were finally ready to hit the trail which began from Kasol. Our first camp site was the beautiful and mystical Grahan village. It is considered to be one of the holiest villages in the entire kullu district. I was happy to start off with a village I had never visited before. It just took an hour for us to leave most of the civilization behind us. Now we were mere commoners living the life of a typical villager (by that I mean no network). Mostly, it was just us during the entire trek, but we would run into a few Hebrews now and then. We also ran into some school children, coming back from an excursion. They were proudly carrying their school name along with them and eagerly allowed us to get a picture clicked.I believe that the first day defines your entire trek. The first day defined my rhythm, my pace and gave me a general understanding of what the altitude had in store for me. I was glad that YHAI had made the best arrangements to make the trek an experience. We got packed lunch (simple vegetarian food) which we took at some designated lunch point. By now the first-timers had slowed down and everyone was feeling the weight of their back packs. My back pack weighed 9 kilos and I was pretty happy about it. Most of the people were rather lightly packed.Now a few hours into the trek, I could look back and see the beautiful valleys Parvati is known for. I had this feeling the entire way that Grahan would be a peaceful and beautiful village. After 6 hours of hiking (the last two hours being uphill all the way) we finally reached. It was like a village you see on some Google landscape wallpaper. It was the most beautiful village in the entire Parvati Valley. I met a few villagers, visited the temple and had some tea and dinner. We also met some children from the village who demanded candy. We obliged.We spent the entire evening looking at the beautiful skyline and the setting sun. It was a clear night and yes the whole constellation was clearly visible (unlike light polluted cities). Lying down on the floor and gossiping for some hours we ended our first night.
Anand Michael
Day 9:Trek Day 4: You will start your trekking to higher camps from this day. This day you will be doing 9kms of trekking to Grahan Higher Camp.Average time of trek is 5 hours it may vary based on the pace of the group.Grahan is a beautiful village which is at the height of 7700ft height from sea level.
Swati Keshri