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Kheerganga - Sunshine Himalayan Camp

Aman Raghuwanshi
Trek to Kheerganga via KalgaNext day i trekked down from Pulga early in the Morning as i have to start trekking to Kheerganga, but i didn't know the way therefore, i asked around and decided on a way via Kalga which is more challenging in comparison from the Varseni one. Trek up to Kalga was also a bit steep, so it took me around 3 hours from Pulga to Reach Kalga. I stopped for a while in Kalga as i found the guy whom i met in the bus. He was there in Pulga from last two days, he told me he came up in Kalga for Rainbow gathering which was going on from last fifteen days. It was like a hippie gathering where people gather, listen to music, dance, bonfire and everything is free. i regretted that i missed on that as it was the last day of gathering. Then i continued my trek to Kheer Ganga, this trek is around 11 to 12 kilometers and is moderately difficult. But you can find everything in between the trek, waterfalls, streams, bridges, steep climbs and many more things. it took me around three and half hours to reach Kheer Ganga from Kalga.
Akash Arora
The trail is really awestruck with lot of waterfalls and one of the most famous one's being Raudra Nag waterfall. Also while on the trail one can easily find various eating/ halting points which will ensure that you are on the right path.We decided to take a little break and eat Maggi noodles near the waterfall. Beyond Rudra Nag, the woods became dense and the path became steeper.
Akash Arora
Also Manikaran is famous for its hot water spring in which rice and various vegetables are cooked which are than served as langar.
Yashika Girdhar
What started of as small talk, the next morning, formed into a bond that none of us three could really understand. I was convinced enough to change my path and travel to Kheerganga with them instead of Old Manali. What awaited was a dangerous rainy trek. After crossing almost impossible patches of a landslide, walking through nerve freezing water, falling down gazillion times(that was just me), an ankle sprain, breathtaking views, and not to forget the 14 kilometre tiring trek, we only hoped to reach the peak before sunset. Meanwhile, P: Yaar, Tu English mein achi hai? Me: Hai? Kyu? P: Tu na iss trip ke baad ek blog likhio. When a person with a more than decent experience in trekking, tells you that, you just know this one trek is different. Well, my plans weren't any different. That one night of pure bliss, the hot water spring, Israeli food, old monk, and two people who made the trip what it was. कभी कभी साथ रहने से बेहतर है, की अलग रहकर उस कुछ वक़्त को अपने पास क़ैद रखा जाए. And we parted ways the following day. Without exchanging numbers, email addresses or Facebook IDs. With that, I left a part of myself at that place, with those people. They made me realise that happiness is not that hard to find as we think it is. Thank you, for introducing to me a new kind of human affection.This post was originally published on Live.
After walking in rain for alomst 4-5 Hours. We finally reached this magical place known as "Kheerganga".