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Pelican Bar

Kristi Keller
These boat captains will pick you up in the boat at any hotel along the coast and take you away to the bar in the sea! Once you arrive the captains are as patient as you want them to be. My guys just hung out laying on the boardwalk while I had my fun, which consisted of sitting on the boardwalk sipping on a rum and Coke in the strong ocean breeze. When I floated up to the bar there were lots of other tourists there – one of my pet peeves. But they soon left and I was alone with the two Italian ladies from my last blog post. We prearranged meeting here. At Pelican Bar there really is a bar – drinks are typical tourist prices; $500 jmd for a rum and Coke so I only had one. I can’t say the bar is exciting but it was definitely ambient and relaxing, I LOVED it. I would do it again and again just for the boat ride, scenery and smell of the ocean air. One thing to note about Pelican Bar – there is obviously no restroom so you must either have a bladder of steel or be okay with standing in the seawater to relieve yourself. True story.