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STARBUCKS Reserve Bar Taipei 101 Store

Tara Anne Nikezic
Many individuals will opt to go to the top of the observation deck of Taipei 101 which takes you on pressurized elevator ride up to the 88th and 89th floor with a speed of 1010 meters per minute. At a cost of NT$600 ($20.57 USD), we opted to not personally experience this with our backpacker budget but it did seem like a cool thing to do.Instead, we opted to go to the world’s tallest Starbucks located on the 35th Floor of Taipei 101. You must make a reservation at least the day before by calling +886 2 8101 0701 and they will confirm your reservation time. You must be on time for your reservation meeting at the security desk of Taipei 101. This is not the security information desk located in the mall, but actually the lobby floor of the actual Taipei 101 building. At your reservation time, a Starbucks employee will meet the group downstairs in the lobby at the designated security information desk to check you in and escort the group through security gates of the building. There is a dress code of no slippers or shorts. The last reservation spot is 90 minutes before closing (closing time is 8PM). We had the first reservation spot, which was at 9AM).Upon entering the Starbucks, in order of your reservation you’ll be able to pick your seat (and your view) and then place your Starbucks order. There is a NT$200 ($6.85 USD) per person minimum order, and the maximum amount of time allotted for your reservation at the Starbucks is 90 minutes. We ordered a Beef and Cheese Croissant and a Pork Cheese Croissant NT$85 ($2.91 USD) each and two tall lattes for NT$125 ($4.11 USD), a great combination of snack and meal totaling NT$210 ($7.20) to hit the minimum spend. The view, snack, and coffee was great!