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Pykara WaterFalls

Pykara is the name of a town and stream 19 kilometers from Ooty in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. The Pykara River is considered exceptionally hallowed by the Todas. It ascends at Mukurthi top, streams northwards, and after that swings toward the west after reaching to the edge of the plateau. The waterway courses through Murkurti, Pykara and Glenmorgan dams, and structures some portion of an imperative hydro-electric force project. The Pykara Station, pronounced as a heritage site in September 1997, set off the foundation of more hydro-electric force stations in the state. A boat house on the Pykara Reservoir is a very auspicious fascination for vacationers. The boat shelter with eatery is kept up by Tamil Nadu Tourism and Development Corporation. It comprises of a few vessels and has speedboats which are allowed in water for 20 minutes and speed boats which are considered for 10 minutes or 15 minutes sometimes.
Sweety S Patel
Pykara Falls and Boat houseThis fall is 1 km away from the parking lot and requires walk or electric cart to reach. From the tickets counter we climbed down a long flight of stairs but after doing so much of hard work, visioning White milky water gushing down through reddish brown rocks was stunning. I found the location picturesque and it was very satisfying to provide all eyes and ears to the falls. The water from the falls run down to Pykara lake where the boat house is located, which has various boats for ride. Boat ride is a thrilling experience, makes you feel relaxed in cool and breezy environment.
Debabrata Nayak
Monsoon season and waterfalls definitely hold a strong bond. The white waters gushing through the rocks, makes this place a worth watching destination in Ooty. The velocity of the stream is quite high and you can hear the intensity from a far distance.
Chaitali Chatterjee
I didn't expect to see much water as we went before the monsoon, but I wasn't disappointed.
Priyanka Bharti
Day - I (Needle Rock View Point, Pykara Falls, Shooting Point, Rose Garden, Boating at Ooty Lake)Our little gang of four friends started this trip from Bangalore at 3:00 am at night. We hopped into the car for our first destination - Bandipur. We were excited but little drowsy as we could not sleep properly that night. On the way, we stopped by multiple tea shops to have tea to avoid dozing off. We reached Bandipur by 7:00 am and took a jungle safari. We saw wildlife including but not limited to deer, elephants, monkeys, langoors. We also spotted some beautiful birds. We were lucky enough to get a very close look of tiger. We also saw many peacocks. The safari was almost 30-45 minutes long. After finishing the safari, we started for our next destination Needle Rock View Point. On the way, we stopped by a tiffin centre to have breakfast and tea. We had idli and vada. After breakfast we drove to Niddle Rock view point, where we reached at 10 o'clock. The view there was just wow. I cannot define it in words. The air was so fresh and pure it gave a divine feeling. We spent almost an hour at this place and started our journey further. Next destination Pykara Waterfalls was at a drive of 25 kms. The beauty of going to Ooty is its route itself. We enjoyed the view of pine forest, valleys and vegetable plantations. Once we reached the falls entrance point, we parked our car. We had to walk for almost a kilometer to get the view of the falls. We started feeling hungry so we bought some boiled peanuts, carrot and radish which were sold by local ladies at the entrance of waterfalls. The taste of fresh and sweet carrots and radish we get here is just too yumm. I never had such tasty salad anywhere else. We walked to the waterfalls while munching peanuts and carrots. The sound of the waterfalls was very soothing. There's no better place to find yourself that sitting by a waterfall and listening to it's music. We spent around 30-45 minutes and walked back to the starting point. There were few restaurants, and we decided to have lunch. We had fish meals, which was not that great but so so. We spent overall ₹750/- for our lunch. After lunch we started for our resort and en route we saw shooting point, where many famous Bollywood movies were filmed like - Raja Hindustani, Andaz Apna Apna etc. We did horse riding there, which cost ₹200/- per head for a short ride and ₹800/- for a longer ride. It took us maximum 20 minutes to reach our resort Vinnca West Downs Heritage from the shooting point. The resort looked so beautiful. Rooms were big with all the amenities like TV, fridge ,locker ,hair dryer. Beds were comfortable, bathroom was good and the service they provided was great. Luckily we got Derby rooms on 50% discount and we paid ₹3000/- per night per room. Since we booked two rooms for two nights we paid ₹12000, including breakfast buffet for four of us, which was worth. We were already exhausted by this time and we fell asleep as soon as we lied down. We slept for an hour or two. We then got up and got ready to see Rose Garden. We did not had idea that the garden will be in hectares. We could not see the garden completely, as it was so big and we did not want to miss boating at Ooty Lake. If you love gardening - "Please take out at least 3 hours to roam in the rose garden. It is really big and have varieties of roses". For boating, we booked tickets for pedal boats. Since it accommodated exactly four people, we did not had to share it with other people. Four of us enjoyed pedaling together. The beautiful sunset added more joy to our boating. This place was lively and full of people. You will get funky scarfs and caps to buy there. You will get different varieties of fruits too. I will suggest to eat fruits and vegetables in Ooty whenever you can, they have real taste. By 7 o'clock in the evening it became complete dark and weather became chilling. We returned to our resort. We went for a walk in the road in front of resort and enjoyed the cold wind. When we started feeling more cold, we returned back to our rooms. We ordered food and enjoyed our dinner with Jägermeister (a German liquor, made from a secret recipe of 56 herbs, blooms, roots and fruits). We ate, we drank and we slept. We had to get up early next morning to catch toy train to Coonoor at 08:30, which we thought was quite impossible.