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Tamhini Ghat

Be ready to be mesmerized by the sound of the swirling leaves, birds and gushing waterfalls.
Devkund is a Easy trek,you can complete it in 1 Day.Most of the people prefer to do this in Day light.
tushar bhanushali
We started around 12pm after taking brunch to avoid being tummyful while crossing Tamhini ghat. On the way, on stretch of Tamhini ghat, we stopped at Kamath restaurant for a quick tea break and stopped couple of times for quick clicks.
Vaibhav Maske
Jul Sharlin
Mesmerizing. Breath taking. Hauntingly beautiful. Before we began the trek, we took a washroom break at the trail start point. There's this house at the start point where a family arranges everything for the group and individual travelers too. After this, we began the trail...How do I describe "Andharban", The Dark Forest? I won't so just check out the view below.