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Lakshmi & Gautham
Chattanooga, a city in Tennessee along the Tennessee River in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, surrounded by mountains and ridges, the official nickname for Chattanooga is Scenic City. The narrow roads with walls on either side with the beautiful graffiti is old world charm with the small shops on both sides. Some of the cities have this effect on you which takes you back to time. This is like one of the streets which you see in the movies.
I went on a business trip last year. In mid of work, we stole some moment and planned for skydiving. I was hesitant to go as I have not prepared myself mentally. I have fear of heights. To overcome this fear I have done parasailing and paragliding, but skydiving I wasn't sure. My height fear keeps coming back to scare me. For years I have not been challenging my fear. The skydiving requires the huge chunk of an amount and I was in the confused state whether to risk the money for this experience or not. Will I be able to jump or not? I was remembering all stories which I have heard how a skydiving failed and it cost a life.I had to fill multiple forms, where basically you sign your life away and the company doesn't have any liability if any mishap happens. I need to read all the safety rules and watch their video. The video scared me more. As it simply says you are responsible for your own life. It's a life gamble. Fear is the root of all hesitation to bring change in your life. Having height fear and doing the skydiving where there is life risk, it was one of my biggest achievement.Tips:- Don't get scared of the video. But ensure you listen to the safety rules properly. Don't take it lightly as it is about your life. Safety is first.We got our slot. From the time I signed the paper till I jump from the plane, I was freaking out.Tips:- Do something to divert yourself from freaking. But trust me its worth the experience.We clicked few photos to kill our time and then the historic moment came. I could feel numbness and nervousness in me.Tips:- Don't wear loose clothes as you are going to fall from 14,000 Ft. height and your shoes should be tied properly.We entered the plane and my journey begins. I was here to go beyond my limit, to overcome my fear and to live one of the best experience of the earth.