The unexplored Manipat

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India is a country of diverse travelling interests and destinations as well, but despite all the foot-loosing one does, places can still go unexplored. One such underrated and under the radar destination is Manipat.

A plateau not high high above the sea level is quite the picturesque location and probably has one of the most secluded backdrops one can ask for. With a population peeping a little over twenty thousand, the place hosts twenty four villages and is truly a hidden gem. This is the place where a Bollywood character would go after tumbling from the peak of his business, to find himself and return stronger and more true to himself.

After the India- China war, Tibetan refugees began to settle here and thus have left their vast cultural roots and heritage to explore. A well maintained vibrant culture and Buddhist flavour is still a part and parcel of this part of Chattisgarh.

A trip during this winter would be ideal as the location is yet to be headhunted by the travel agencies and still would leave you to choose from a plenty. Road transport are in abundance from Jashpur and Ambikapur, which would lead you to this paradise. Accommodations are a bit different, despite of having a number of hotels Manipat boasts the plenty shelters lined up at the location by the forest department.

In the entire state of Chattisgarh there is one solitary Buddha temple, which is here in Manipat. The most authentic and pious rituals are performed here. This temple has hosted a number of marriages and joyous occasions. This temple has saturated the Buddhism practices along with some of the local tribe’s practices and thus showcases the modernization of the culture.

Photo of Buddhist Temple by Sagnik Basu

Falling from a height of 60 meters the waterfall at this location is a breathtaking spectacle. Tourists can trek around this spot and can enjoy a spectacular view. This tourism goldmine used to be a tiger’s nest back in the calendar and thus has entitled itself with the name. The fire watch tower and the railings constructed around the entire spot makes it a safe and enjoyable experience.

Photo of Tiger point, Korba, Čhattisgarha, India by Sagnik Basu

For the ones with the adrenalin rush, Parpatiya is the ideal location in all of Chattisgarh. During recent times, the government has managed to foster the location with plenty of adventure sports. Besides such man made recreations, the place has plenty of explore worthy caves and mountains. The forest surrounding the entire place is itself a two day worth experience.

Photo of Parpatiya, Chhattisgarh, India by Sagnik Basu

Cascading down like milky satin, this location displays a spectacular waterfall from a height of eighty meters above the ground. This again is one the visual beauties Manipat holds proud of. The fog and the mist empowers the beauty of the place and is heaven if you manage to beat your alarm clock for a perfect morning at Machali Point.

Photo of Machali Point by Sagnik Basu