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Campuhan Ridge Walk

Rachita Saxena
4. Campuhan Ridge Walk, Ubud
Gunjan Sharma
Campuhan Ridgewalk: After reading multiple reviews of must-do thing in Ubud, we started early to reach this place and started our walk. We expected some real good views of the paddy fields or forest but it was just average. Though we were early it was extremely hot and nothing to do at all. Just keep walking for some small cafe! The signs to reach this place are not clear. Google maps leave you in middle of the road - you need to look for signs for Hotel Idah. Take a left from the hotel and you'll arrive at the parking from where you can start your walk.Sacred Monkey Forest: The place is a must-visit in Ubud. Earlier I was a bit skeptical of visiting this place since I am not very fond of monkeys. I have seen some really nasty monkeys and hence did not really want to go. However, after reading the reviews, we thought of visiting the place. The place opens at 8.30AM and we were the first ones to enter. A bit scared in the beginning thinking the monkeys might attack or snatch things from us. But that was not the case. As soon as we entered, the staff was feeding them sweet potatoes and hence all monkeys were busy. The forest inside is dense and has a beautiful stream flowing inside. There are a couple of beautiful balinese temples inside too. Later we heard some voice and saw the staff calling monkeys to feed them again - this time it was corn and bananas. The monkeys are not troublesome when they are busy eating. we saw them eating and also fighting over food. Got to see a few mischievous ones snatching corn and bananas from the staff and running away. Overall a fun experience with close encounters of the monkeys.Frequent searches leading to this page:-Top Bali tour packages with price, Bali honeymoon places, top Bali tour packages with flight, top Bali tour packages with price, best Bali tour packages from India, best Bali honeymoon packages from India, Bali honeymoon packages all inclusive
Nikita Mathur
Suvarna Arora
1.) CAMPUHAN RIDGE WALK The beautiful morning of day 3 was planned to be at Campuhan Ridge Walk. I left the hotel at 6:15 am to watch the sunrise. Camphuhan ridge walk was just 15 min walking distance from my hotel. To my surprise, there were still few people at the walk, not many but surely enough to photobomb my picture. I believe everybody knows the trick of a good photograph. The walk had some amazing views. I would say it's a must visit and surely at sunrise or sunset. Just expect a hell lot of people at sunset.
Jemima Durnford
In the afternoon we headed towards the Campuhan Ridge Walk near Ubud. After a quick drink at Randji restuarant near the start of the trail, we followed the easy path. It’s not too long and not as enthralling as it’s made out to be, there are far more beautiful places to visit in my opinion! Heading back the way we’d gone, we then drove into Ubud centre which was nicer than I’d imagined with pretty streets and lots of shops with attractive items to buy.