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It took around 1 hour to reach Ubud....

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While we’re on lessons learned, nuggets of wisdom are never far behind in Ubud’s gift shops....

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Jalan Monkey Forest, Padangtegal, Ubud 80571
Imagine a 'secret jungle' with inquisitive monkeys who rule over sacred temples and century old banyan trees. Sit quietly and hear the sounds of rushing ravines.....drift a little.....see and smell the vivid colour of flower offerings and sweet Balinese incense. This isn't Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Lost World," it's the Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest, a must-see attraction for any visitor to Bali, 'Island of the Gods.'While staying at the spectacular eco-conscious Fivelements Puri Ahimsa wellness retreat, I ventured out to one of Bali's most popular attractions, the Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest. Officially known as the Padangtegal Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, the site contains 27 acres of protected grounds, 605 long-tailed macaque monkeys, and three 14th-century temples.The forest is located minutes from the main strip of Ubud, the 'Cultural Heart of Bali.' You can purchase bananas on-site to feed the monkeys, make sure to carefully conceal the fruit in a backpack because the monkeys will at random, jump on to you for a free meal. This is all apart of the fun. When you are ready to feed them, take one banana out at a time, this will prevent any accidental bites. I have read many reviews about aggressive behavior from the monkeys, I did witness it for myself, but was never bitten. Most aggression cases have happened because of improper feeding; if you take one banana out at a time, watch your surroundings, and do not taunt the monkeys (especially the mature ones!) this will help to ensure a safe and highly enjoyable interaction. Also note, if you have no bananas, food, or hand-held items the monkeys will typically be unfazed by your presence, allowing visitors who want a little distance to have a great time too. I give this attraction a 10/10, it's literally a 'barrel of monkeys' fun!
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Weekend Getaways from Ubud 

The coolest, most relaxed place you would visit. A peaceful town of malang is known for its slow pace & birds. Has the largest bird market in east java. This will be our transit stop for Mt.Bromo. Here we visit the local village & markets, Do Parasailing (on own cost) Visit local village houses & hike upto the sunset point

About Ubud

Ubud The overall pace and feel of the holiday was average till we reached Ubud. The place has world class resorts and we stayed at Sens Hotel and Spa, primarily cause of its proximity to the Ubud Market Center (Its advisable to stay near Market Center since there’s no public transport in Ubud and hotels generally have limited shuttle service, making you feel stranded). The hotel is a 4* property but we were again disappointed with food.Ubud was also crowded like Legian and Seminyak , but the charming Cafes , Quirky Shops & Zen Houses in the middle of the market street can win anybody’s heart over .You can pick up Bali bands , Dream Catchers , wooden carvings ,Paintings, decorative Items,clothes and other souvenirs from the Ubud Central Market.

Best Time To Visit Ubud

Best time to visit Ubud is from June to September

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