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Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Jennifer D'mello
Sacred Monkey Forest was huge & great! They have a minimal entry fee, but was totally worth it!It had lakes at the entry side with enormous fishes and a pretty walkway that leads into the Monkey Forest. It was beautiful to see these monkeys in their natural habitat. However, be careful of your belongings, they love colourful and unique things and won't hesitate to snatch them from you!
Ubud Monkey Forest –A must place for animal lovers and photography enthusiasts, Ubud Monkey Forest is another top attraction of Bali.
Rachita Saxena
2. Ubud Monkey Sanctuary
Offbeat Voyagers
It was about 12 PM when we reached the villa which again was very pretty overlooking rice fields. We dropped our bags at the villa and headed out to the Sacred Monkey Forest which was about 15 minutes away. The sanctuary is well maintained and the monkeys are pretty used to humans being around so there is no need for panic. During our time here we came across a monitor lizard which was unusual since even the monkeys were scared of it. The forest was a unique experience in itself and the entry costed us IDR 80,000 per person.
Devendra Gohad
Last one!!!This was a last day of our tourism. We left around 10 and reached Monkey forest in 20 minutes. This was a very good and memorable destination for me. All this forest has is monkeys, nature, a waterfall and a temple of course. You will definitely have fun roaming here. Watching monkeys jumping on tourists, taking away their stuff, people taking selfies with monkeys would make you smile.