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Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Vrushali Ketkar
a) Visit the sacred monkey forest, where monkeys will literally hop onto your shoulder and climb on your legs.
Puja Sharma
Monkey forest is another place I would recommend when in Ubud. Its a very touristy place, but the greenery and nature around takes you to a different world altogether.
Aakanksha Magan
The Monkey Forest is a sacred forest full of ravenous monkeys. Officially called Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana, it houses three holy temples – Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal (temple of the dead), Pura Prajapati (temple of the animal) and Pura Beji (temple of bathing). Other than that, monkeys are obviously the most popular attraction of this forest. However, they are known to be greedy and dangerous. So be careful that you are not carrying anything to eat. Sellers outside the forest entrance will try and sell you bananas to feed the monkeys, but please don't buy them. Feeding the monkeys can be risky.Opening hours: All days, 8am to 6pmCost: Rp50,000 (₹240) for adults, Rp40,000 (₹192) for children.
Ankita JaisWal
Monkey Sanctuary, Ubud – I wasn’t too sure of visiting this place but I must recommend it as one of the top places to visit in Ubud. I sure was surprised with how friendly the monkeys are there! As is their nature, on spotting bananas they will definitely come to you, or even climb on you but best part is when they even pose for selfies. Make sure your valuables are inside a bag though, they had snatched my Rayban Sunglasses and the Coconut coffee I got from Kopi Luwak. Not just bananas, those monkeys are fond of everything you carry. But if you fight back, you can get your stuff, as I did. Quite an adventure!
Harsh Mundra
Next stop was Sacred Monkey Forest. Can also be called scared tourist forest! We saw monkeys snatching water bottles, bananas & even scratching a few kids. But would still recommend to take a stroll in this mini sanctuary.
Rajvi Bhow
The Monkey Forest.Various temples.Rice terraces which will be found all across the interiors of Bali.Spices and coffee plantations.Also make time for a spa while you are there as Seminyak will be expensive.Seminyak:
Kadambari Bhatte
Adding to the list is the Sacred Monkey Forest - you will be surrounded by monkeys and also get to feed them, but be aware! One of such huge ones jumped on my boyfriend's back thinking he was a threat to them!So hopefully I shall visit Bali soon again to explore more such beaches and places and come back with ample of such adventures in my bag!
Solo Traveler Nafeesa
As soon as you step in Ubud to know you are in art town. It's just so beautiful, artistic and cozy. When in Ubud always stay around Palace & monkey forest area as all the tourist attractions are within walking distance from here. Take a walk around Campuhan ridge walk in evening. Start your day early and dedicate whole day to see attraction in main area of Ubud.
Kadambari Bhatte
When you are out and about in Bali you will notice idols of Lord Ganesha and Shiva almost on every corner, it gives you this feeling of serenity of peace. This place has some of the best temples to pay visit to, best part being all are situated by the sea, so you will not only pay respect to the Gods but also make yourself happy by getting those perfect pictures! Some of the temples not to be missed are - The Besakih Temple, Uluwatu Temple, Taman Ayu Temple, Tanah Lot Temple, Ulun Danu Beratan Temple. 
- Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary - I am not sure if it was the very next day or the 2nd day after arriving in Ubud that we got the chance to walk down to the Sacred Monkey Forest. I remember there was still a lot of raining going on but with moments of hot sun in between. In any case, I met up with Danielle and Cynthia for a tour of the monkey forest. I knew this is what they had been waiting for! Funny thing is, they didn't even have to leave their hotel to get monkeys. The monkeys were stealing anything and everything from the balcony of their bungalow! I know they have some crazy video of that. Girls if you are reading this...YouTube your videos! ...and remember to monetize it... Or send it to me I will upload it to my YouTube channel!
If you want to get a more interesting experience, you should come visit Monkey Forest to meet the monkeys that can roam freely. In this 27 hectares forest, there are a lot of dense trees and the air is really clean and fresh. Upon entering this area, you will be greeted by a giant monkey statue.You have to be careful with your luggage, as some mischievous monkeys will take your luggage and bring it to the top of the tree.COMING TO UBUD WRITERS AND READERS FESTIVAL (UWRF)If you come at the right time, do not miss to come to International Literature Festival.This festival is held only once a year and is the world’s largest literature festival. You can meet the authors directly, both Indonesian authors and foreign authors. You can also get to know and learn about the culture, art, and literature or can also enter some of the free events that take place during the festival.In the fact there are many more things what to do in Ubud Bali, like visiting Pura Taman Saraswati, Watch the herons at Petulu return home, Dine at Mozaic, etc. But that’s some of the most popular destinations and it’s a pity if passed while on vacation in Ubud, Bali-Indonesia.
Namita Kulkarni
Speaking of monkeys, what’s a trip to a tropical island without a little run-in with some wildlife? And given how aggressive the monkeys (long-tailed macaques, actually) of the Sacred Monkey Forest are, snatching away anything they fancy, wild is an apt description.While we’re on lessons learned, nuggets of wisdom are never far behind in Ubud’s gift shops. This one really struck a chord one bright sunny morning. Possibly the most artistic store I’ve been to in a long time. Run by the Kupu Kupu Foundation, it houses a broad variety of handicrafts reasonably priced and imaginatively created by the physically challenged using local materials, with the proceeds going towards improving the lives of the latter. The artist’s profile and photo are displayed next to each piece. For details visit In a concept that most of us city-bred souls would do well to imbibe, the Balinese allot a special day for silence every year, when even their airports pull their shutters down. Called Nyepi and celebrated with much gusto on the preceding evening, its larger-than-life preparations make for quite the imposing sight. As this little boy just found out.A short quad-bike ride through the rice fields led me to this. Green grass, blue skies and black coffee. Under a post-rain drizzle. Some afternoons have perfection written all over them. And now for some Bali Spirit Festival, the bait that hooked me in the first place to this island and its many charms. Music concerts every night at the five-day festival, because there’s no such thing as too much music. Here’s a Balinese ‘offering’ that you will see more times than you can keep count of in a day here, not just in temples but almost everywhere. While I’m not wild about organized religion, the kind of reverence the Balinese have for artistic beauty and the amount of care and effort they put into creating beauty in their daily rituals is something I could get behind. From homes that could well be ancient temples, to sculptures that seem as intricately worked as nature, the orchestra of frogs and crickets every night outside my room, beauty was simply in the air. I’m sure I’ll be back for more, and with even less of a plan than a lost notebook the next time.
Chasing Sunsets
This place is full of monkeys and yes, temples but mostly Monkeys. There are 3 temples inside and all of them are closed for tourists. Mostly people come here to see the monkeys in the forest and it is fun! Do not go in with bananas else the monkeys will climb on top of you. There are a lot of places in there where you would feel you are on the sets of Indiana Jones! A must visit in Ubud.
Namita Kulkarni
The lady at the inhouse first aid center told me all those monkeys had been vaccinated against rabies. Something I’d rather believe than doubt, especially after getting bitten (‘mildly’) by one while feeding it. She said those monkeys send about five people to the first aid center there everyday, and that day I happened to be among the select few. It was a tiny bite but getting clambered over by a ‘hangry’ screeching monkey is not everyone’s cup of tea, so if you do want to pay the monkeys a visit, you’ve been warned.
Quinn Russell
Imagine a 'secret jungle' with inquisitive monkeys who rule over sacred temples and century old banyan trees. Sit quietly and hear the sounds of rushing ravines.....drift a little.....see and smell the vivid colour of flower offerings and sweet Balinese incense. This isn't Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Lost World," it's the Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest, a must-see attraction for any visitor to Bali, 'Island of the Gods.'While staying at the spectacular eco-conscious Fivelements Puri Ahimsa wellness retreat, I ventured out to one of Bali's most popular attractions, the Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest. Officially known as the Padangtegal Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, the site contains 27 acres of protected grounds, 605 long-tailed macaque monkeys, and three 14th-century temples.The forest is located minutes from the main strip of Ubud, the 'Cultural Heart of Bali.' You can purchase bananas on-site to feed the monkeys, make sure to carefully conceal the fruit in a backpack because the monkeys will at random, jump on to you for a free meal. This is all apart of the fun. When you are ready to feed them, take one banana out at a time, this will prevent any accidental bites. I have read many reviews about aggressive behavior from the monkeys, I did witness it for myself, but was never bitten. Most aggression cases have happened because of improper feeding; if you take one banana out at a time, watch your surroundings, and do not taunt the monkeys (especially the mature ones!) this will help to ensure a safe and highly enjoyable interaction. Also note, if you have no bananas, food, or hand-held items the monkeys will typically be unfazed by your presence, allowing visitors who want a little distance to have a great time too. I give this attraction a 10/10, it's literally a 'barrel of monkeys' fun!