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Tegenungan Waterfall

A quick tip to visit the places early as possible because Places near Ubud tend to get crowded very fast with tourists. Here are the list of Waterfalls closer to Ubud that you should not miss when you visit Bali:Tegenungan Waterfall
Jennifer D'mello
We headed to this beautiful place to see the waterfall! You have to trek a bit to get to the waterfall but it's worth all the efforts. After quiet a while of walking on the hill, we could see the beautiful waterfall with a rainbow. You can totally go near the waterfall and even sit below it! It was a great experience to see a rainbow just beside us.Towards the exit, there's also a very pretty hot water springs. Don't forget you get right in there. Trust me, you'll feel so relaxed & free.
Priyam Ratnam
Destination 5- By 5 PM, we proceeded for Tegenungan waterfall, around 25 minutes’ Drive from Ubud. This fall was beautiful with a number of rainbows at the base of this fall. The entrance fee was around INR 100/-.
Rakhee Rathore
Ratan Tatikonda
- Tegenungan WaterfallEntry fee is 60k IDR/ head IDROne of the most famous waterfalls of Bali. A view is enough to fall in love with it.