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October to February
All days of the week 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Watch cultural show, explore museum
INR 25 per person/INR 100 for Camera
September - May
Families, Couples
3 out of 87 attractions in Udaipur

Bagore Ki Haveli

As the name suggests, this attraction is a haveli based out of Udaipur. It was constructed in the 18th century by the Prime Minister of Mewar. For those who want to feel the heritage of Rajasthan, first hand, this is the place to be. There is some great folk music and dance that one can enjoy here as an extra benefit. The cultural show is what pulls thousands of visitors to Bagore ki Haveli. Puppet shows and a beautiful display of Indian marriages is also shown here from time to time. Apart from this, there is a rich collection of musical instruments as well as clothes preserved here in the museum that will be a memory to cherish. There are ancient paintings as well as souvenirs from battles of the Rajputs that can be found here.
End the day in Udaipur at this beautiful ghat on Lake Pichola . Great vibe and popular tourist spot .Udaipur was simply stunning with respect to people , food , hospitality , tourist spots and weather .
So we check in our hotel which was near Lake Pichola in Gangaur Ghaat. Just next to our hotel was the beautiful Bagore Ki Haveli which showcases some wonderful classical folk dances of Rajasthan. The Aura of that place sinks you in.
We further had to chase for our booking for a live show, Darohar Folk Dance happening at Bagore ki Haveli. You get to see the best of Rajasthan folk dance and culture and would be awe-dropped for 1 hr time that you committed to seeing the event.
Bagore-ki-Haveli and Dharohar folk dance show‘Haveli’ typically means a mansion/stately residence of notable and distinguished members of the community. Havelis all around Rajasthan have now been re-purposed as tourist attractions, museums and heritage hotels.Bagore-ki-Haveli is situated right on the waterfront of the Lake Pichola next to the Gangaur Ghat.Entry fee: Rs. 60Open timings: 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM.
Deepak Kashyap
We also had the fortune to visit this amazing place in Rajasthan and enjoy the amazing Folk Show. It was an eye catching show which will remain in your memory for a long long time.The folk show had everything we had listen about. The fire matki dance was one epic thing to see along with the Puppet Show.The backdrop of this place is also beautiful overlooking Gangaur Ghat. Plus it is also surrounded by various eateries and it just amazing to have food looking at the beauty of LAKE Pichola.After the show we went to "Charcoal by Carlson" an amazing place to eat near Bagore-Ki- Havelli.This place is highly recommended especially the folk show.Don't miss it next time you are in Udaipur.The amazing images of the night are there to help you get the feel of this place. The folk show is one of the most epic event to witness in Udaipur.