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Sri Krishna Temple

Hrishikesh Baruah
The Sri Krishna temple is a famous icon of Udupi, and is more than a millennium old. The temple premise is a huge and spectacular one. One has to drop off their footwear before stepping inside the temple corridor. Once there there is a queue to get inside the temple. A pond is placed right in front. Once inside there is a tranquil air that prevails. The main idol cannot be seen directly, there are panes with holes through which darshan happens. Spend some time sitting on the cool stone floor. Also, don't hesitate to have plenty of prasad (laddoos).Outside it is damn hot today. We are perspiring from head to toe. After spending around couple of hours we decided to take a AC bus to Mangalore, which would reach in about 1 hour. Quickly, we took an auto to Sultan Battery for our next destination.