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around our destination was Mysuru... the Mysuru Dasara... Mysuru for the sole purpose...: Mysuru Dasara began as early...

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Mysuru is a favored weekend..., Mysuru also offers some delightful... of Mysuru's (relatively) lesser... these will help you enjoy Mysuru...

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Top Places To Visit 19 Spots

Mysore Zoo DZ

The zoo is a destination in the city much anticipated by the tourists . It is large zoo with ever stretching boundaries you feel when you get inside it. The zoo provides the animals something that stand next their natural habitat by replicating the greenery you will see in any other place like a forest. As I said before its really large zoo so it takes nothing less than 2 hours to see all that is here. If you find yourself tired enough , take the buggy service provided that will take you a round through the zoo. But exploring zoo on your foot is the best experience you can have. We got to see he only gorilla present in the zoo and not only the zoo but in the whole county there. There is animal adoption system by which you can adopt an animal and take care of all its expenses like many well known people in the country. You get to see all kinds of animals , birds, reptiles over here. Had a nice time in realizing and accepting we alone are not the owners of this planet.
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Chamundi Hill

Chamundi hills is something that only Mysore can boast of and it is has an unavoidable importance in the history of the city. It visible from any part of the city. And once you reach at the top of the hill you'll get a bird's eye view of mysore which includes the mysore palace . People who loves trekking will not forget this destination. It is not just a hill but it holds the famous chamundeshwari temple and the Mahabaleshwara temple. The Mysore Wodeyar dynasty considers Chamundeshawari as the deity of the royal family. Therefore the hill is important for the people here from religious as well tourism perspective.
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