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Located along the coast of Karnataka, Udupi is a beautiful town famous for its delicately carved temples and calm beaches. Each temple here is a unique architectural marvel. Sculpted with exquisitely detailed carvings, the Sri Krishna Temple, Anegudde Vinayaka temple and the Chandramoulishwar temple will dazzle you with their elaborate rituals and festivals. In contrast, the Kaup and Malpe beaches of the region are a unique experience in tranquility. Nestled in the lap of mother nature, some time on these beaches will leave your mind, body and soul relaxed. It would be unfair to talk of Udupi and not mention its very famous vegetarian cuisine. Traditional meals start with kosambari (a dal salad) and end with a chilled glass of majjige or buttermilk, that has a cooling effect on the body. In between comes dishes flavoured with tamarind and mustard seeds and vegetables that are strictly Indian. Udupi has its own railway station that makes it easily accessible. Its location on the NH-66 also makes it accessible by car and bus. For an authentic, unadulterated experience of Karnataka, Udupi is most certainly the place to be!
Solo Trip To Udupi

Its been close to couple of years since I went out on a solo trip. A 4 day holiday during the Rep...

4 Days
Udupi to Gokarna
Udupi to Gokarna

My most adventurous, full of surprises, memorable and low budget trip.  1st day: Reach Udup...

Pooja Pujari
3 Days
Saint Mary Island , Udupi- a wish come true adventure.

This diwali, I decided to go Udupi, Karnataka with one of my friend. This was a three day tour. W...

Rishabh Mishra
2 Days
Udupi - bordered by a river and the sea

2016 has been a fair year! The last day of the year had the best in store for me. ...

The Other, Rather Unexplored Side of Udupi

Udupi is known for its Krishna temple but what it’s less known for is the beaches, which ar...

5 Days
The Perfect Getaway, Malpe, Udupi

Approaching St. Mary's Island by BoatFishing Port at Malpe. A Quiet Beach Malpe Beach, SunsetThe ...

Rahul Raghunath

St. Mary's Island
Malpe, Udupi
This is located a few kilometers away from Udupi and on the north of Mangalore. This is a group of a few smaller islands...
Sri Krishna Temple
G B Panth Road, Krishna Complex, Udupi 576101
Kodi Beach
Kundapur Town, Maravanthe, Udupi

Best time to visit - January,September,October,November,December
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Best time to visit - January,February,March,October,November,December
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Best time to visit - January,February,October,November,December
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