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Punta del Este

The seaside resort of Punta del Este is the quintessential fashion capital of Uruguay, and possibly South America. Here, the Argentine, Brazilian, and Uruguayan cash-rich models, celebrities, and businessmen spend their summers. Widely-lauded as the new Rio, Punta del Este is not just awash with gorgeous beaches but also have glitzy hotels, raucous discos, yacht parties, and a Vegas-style casino. Top-dollar houses are so common that the biggest property brands in the world have set up shop in this unassuming corner of the world. If you wish to score a private party hosted by the impresarios, ensure you’re dressed at your best as you’ll be competing for an invite with South American models.The best time to visit this destination is from December-April for parties and beaching. Rock the partyWhen in Punta del Este, partying endlessly goes without saying. Parties begin as late as 1 am and hits the high note only during sunrise. Moby Dick The nucleus of social scene in Punta del Este, it is a mini-wonder that cannot be missed. The party kick-starts early but hits fever pitch deep into the night. Conversations will be drowned in the music and the floor will be thudding with the collective hop. It runs through the year unlike most other places in the town.Tequila Until December hits, this disco is just a run-down vacant building. But it converts into a luxury club in the summer. Frequented by celebrities, media persons, and entrepreneurs, it is so exclusive that finding a spot here can be hard irrespective of the amount of money you’re willing to throw in. Av Eduardo Víctor Haedo at Las Espum.Hvar, Croatia